Monday, February 6, 2012


Ah... to be born a Princess
It had to happen sometime...  One day you're on top of the world dictating to your staff on what they will or will not do for you.  Those regal moments, lying on a clean bed, eating tasty treats and delectable delights while everyone scurries around you as they attend to your every need which, of course, is your rightful place.   Being a Princess is easy 'cause you were born to be pampered...  And, it's the way the world should be, right?

Then one day, quite unexpectedly, the rules change.  The staff said enough...  the job is too big and I must take leave of this servitude.  Today, of all days, is the day that you, Miss Sugar, become a horse like all other horses.  (OK, very expensive and pampered ones... but horses none-the-less.)  And that day was the day that her devoted staff turned her care over from rough board to full care opulent board.

Workaholism Destroys My Social Life was one of those posts where I hinted at a tiny lil' issue in my life.  One of my other lil' issues is my inability to do anything half way.  So when work is tough, time consuming and a brain drain, I don't change anything in my life...  I just add additional tasks to the huge pile of other tasks that I do to make my life whole.  The only thing that suffers...  is me.

So as the snowbirds moved South and the Indoor-less searched for the sublet, I pondered a change.  And, when the final sublet poked up out of the vast pile of tasks, I said yes.  And off we went... just one mile away from our country barn to the big city barn, from 4 horses and three riders in a beautiful private indoor to 41+ horses, countless riders, a lesson program and great facilities for just two months.  A vacation for me.

Letting go of every aspect of her care is extremely hard.  Sug and I are both accustomed to precise and personalized care, deep bedding and amenities that only a rough boarder can provide.  She is mine and I know what I like and I make sure it happens.

Outside in February

Poor Sug, she hates turnout (yes, she really does) and here she is out from 8am to 3 in a nice big paddock in a place where she can see everything.  Every car, every person that walks the property in her range of vision is a potential staff worker... "Hey you.... yes you, can you not see that it's time for me to come in... The sun is too bright/dark!  The wind is too brisk/quiet.  The air too warm/cold.  Take me in please!  Take me in now!"

And, no one responds...  Poor Sug!  Oh they make sure she isn't hurting herself or being a loon but so far, they haven't fallen for her "damsel in distress" act.  And, when no one is watching (well, where she can see them), she is just like any other horse... out in a paddock soaking up the atmosphere and moving around.

This break is nice...  I can focus on this work project, keep up with my riding, walk the dogs and get this...  take care of myself like I take care of my horse.  Today, my house is clean, the dogs are happy, my tack looks new and Sugar?  Well instead of devoting precious time to anal-retentive stall cleaning, barn maintenance, she is immaculate if not just a little bit tired. 

I'll retire back to the country in April, but today, I'm loving the city...


Judi said...

I have a horse that doesn't care to be left out for any length of time, too. He just complains and bangs the gate. He used to live outside the first 4 years of his life, but he hates mud, frets if it is raining and isn't happy unless he has food with him! I'm glad he's not the only primadonna out there.

Sounds like you made a smart move for your sanity.

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KC said...

Good for you, I say! Enjoy the amenities and the minimal stress.

It's hard giving up that control - I always say that no one takes care of your horse like you do. But it's only for the short term, and you'll still see her daily!

I have a horse who hates to be outside in the hot summer...he will put himself in and snooze unless it's cloudy. If he can't get in, he'll squeal and throw a temper tantrum. Sug is not alone!

Amy said...

LOL! Love it. I swear, we must have been separated at birth! Try and enjoy the downtime, and I'm sure Princess will adjust to life in her new Castle. More minions to adore her now!

And thanks for the very sweet comment about the Liebster!Made my day :)

BeBe said...

It's so hard when you are used to looking after your own horse to move to boarding, but this sounds like it will be a welcome break!

Enjoy it, and knowing it's only temporary will help.