Thursday, July 19, 2012


Oh how I love a good, trashy summer book!  You know the kind, there's always a young beautiful but not quite perfect girl who works a hard, but glamorous job under the difficult reign of a rich boss.  While on a project/vacation or adventure, she meets an arrogant difficult man.
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

They argue, fight, fall in love, something horrendous happens that tears them apart... each living in pain, loneliness and disappointment until SOMETHING happens that brings them breathlessly together again.  And, they live happily ever after.

The best contain some steamy moments...  you know what I mean {{wink, wink}}!  And, guys?  Yes, Westerns, Spy novels and even Sci Fi can fall into Trashy Summer Reading...  Oh yeah!

So, if I was writing my own story...  I kind of think, that maybe, just maybe Sugar and I have crossed into that part in the story where we are breathlessly coming together...  (without the steamy sumthin' sumthin' going on).

 Last night's off-farm jumping lesson could be that SOMETHING.  The course before me included barrels and a white panel.  My Eventing Trainer kindly suggested that we do something other than the dreaded barrels to begin the course.  I looked at her and said, "Nope, we're doing the barrels now!"  

What was earth shattering?  My GRRRR was complete.  No whining, no paralyzing fear, no anxiety (other what is normal)... just the resolution, (dare I say confidence?) that we are capable and can do!  Again "CAN DO!"  

Lots of Grrr, 2010
Sug peeked.  I firmly asked and the rest was amazing! (Maybe THAT was the hot, steamy moment, hmmm.)  

There is something magical about a group lesson.  The two girls in my group were not experts.  Both were riding borrowed horses and neither jumped regularly.  They showed up a little nervous, somewhat concerned but full of smiles and eagerness.   Their willingness to do something challenging in front of their peers gave me courage.  

And Sug?  She was happy to be there...  And, as if a light switch was turned on...  she wanted to jump, was eager to jump...  still my spooky girl but forward and light!  It was the gift of all gifts...

Happily ever after...???


Angela Kazanovicz said...

Can totally relate to this one. My jumping lesson is in a week and will be a good one, I know.

Becca said...

LOVE it! So glad that you are having a trashy summer romance with your there anything better??!!

Catherine Sauer said...

Yayyyyy! Oh my, I can't wait to see the next page of this cliffhanger! Steam to charge valiantly forward, dare we say?

Congratulations on the conquer!