Thursday, November 15, 2012


Ah, work...  that wonderful, exciting place one goes to every weekday.  Sometimes, as I hurry out of the house, before the hound raises the voice of protest, I say loudly for all to hear, "I go to work every day, so you can live the life you've grown accustomed to...  I'll be back!"

Wistful for freedom!
Work is the place that offers sustenance to all under my roof - Sugar, the Convict and Mr Floppy.  It also provides some wages to a multitude of providers that keep my ship afloat - dog walkers, riding instructors, farrier, veterinarians of many specialties, house cleaners and I am sure, a few tack shops and feed stores.  I work selflessly so that others may live...

Sigh...  that nobility makes my workaholism so much better sounding, doesn't it?  You see, I do live!  For the last three weeks, my writing has been devoted to the needs of my clients. My blog has become a bit rusty and I do believe there was a bit of dust on the address bar.  I do live and for this moment, I write for me...  just sayin'!

My big worry these days (exclusive of work)?  Sugar is, for the first time since she came up from Virginia, a furry beast.  Her coat is soft and thick, like a chinchilla.  Sometimes I want to brush my cheeks along her neck fully enjoying the sensation her fine coat.   And, then I step back, open my eyes and realize that I am in a City Barn. 

{{{{Hmmm...  she's single, a "master rider" (old) and has many pets...  should we, um...  be careful not to disturb her?   Well, she's not really "quiet" in that "We didn't know much about her, she always was a bit quiet" kindof way.   I  betcha she's just... eccentric.}}}}

Not old, just hairy...
Photo used with permission
Sugar has never had a winter clip.  She's always had a very thin coat just slightly hairier than her summer coat.  One friend chuckled...  "She is getting older."  Another, "Maybe you should have her checked for Cushing's?" 

And, then the gentle craziness of the overworked, tired owner kicks in... "Old?  Thirteen isn't really that old!  No way...  it's the move to the City Barn and the wind on the hill, right?  'Cause 13 isn't really that old, right?  Nah, she's still in her prime...  13 not old.  No, not old at all... right?" 

Sug will get her first haircut...  an Irish Clip.  And, I will hold off the search for a retirement home or another riding career for my aged and infirm horse. You see, Sugar has moved into her winter phase and any mare that can spook, spin and leap over 15 meters into the center of the ring hasn't quite reached a sedentary age.

And I will work on balancing work, life without sacrificing sleep...  I am still a very lucky girl!


Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

When you find that work/life balance please share your secret with me. Even though I love my job and work with horses I never have time to do anything with my horses. So one is out on lease (being an eventer) and one is lightly hacked by me on extremely rare occasions. I love my job but I do miss having time to pursue my own riding goals.

SprinklerBandit said...

Clipping is amazing.

I mean, the actual act is not terribly fun, but the resultant non-sweaty horse Bliss.

Dragon said...

13 is for sure not old! That's the prime of her life! Skye is 18, soon to be 19 and still going strong.

Kelly said...

I miss see the lovely Sugar when you don't post! Riva had her first clip and looks exactly the same under all that hair...which makes me very happy.