Friday, June 7, 2013


Stories make us sleepy
Have you ever had someone, something or some event have such an impact in your life that what was known was now new?  Of course you have!  Life is but a series of Game Changers and decisions that define the journey.

Way back when, at a time where life was a series of confrontations of being "good" or going "bad", my field hockey coach, Mrs Steedle saw something in me...  something that was a little bad that might be the beginnings of a path of near awful.  Seventeen, an A student and a popular athlete, my peeps and I enjoyed a bit of the party scene...  just a bit, but teetering on the edge of...  well, more (going "bad").

One Friday night after a game, she called me over to discuss the win and asked if I was going to the dance that evening.  Somehow, she mentioned the "party scene", looked me in the eye and said, "You know you're fun to be with (I was) and I bet you don't need alcohol or pot to have a good time.  And, I bet you're even funnier with out it!  What do you think?" 

You know, that moment changed my life.  I actually did think I was funnier and had a better time sober yet, Mrs Steedle made it a challenge that I could not ignore. 

Everyone thinks this place is pretty!
So, you say, what brings on this esoteric thought and long story telling?

Simply, today I felt pretty...

Way back when I first bought Sugar, my then trainer competed her.  There were many reasons to do so which included being treated for breast cancer (year 1) and then breaking my wrist (year 2) and to keep her going at a higher level as I worked to take over the reins.  During that era, I considered my self Sugar's groom and not her owner/rider/trainer.  I acted that part by staying in the shadows, scurrying around to keep her clean and never really cared about how I looked.

At the very first Event, after I switched to the new (and current) trainer, she asked me to walk the Training course with her.  I was surprised when she asked me what I thought about a combination, or an approach to a particular jump.  "Me?  You want my opinion?  Me?  I don't ride at that level, what can I tell you?"  Since I did manage to actually squeak out my surprise, she matter-of-factly said, "Well, you ride her and have watched her go many times, of course you can offer your opinions!"

Yes!  Rider-Trainer-Owner
A game changer - I was the rider/owner/trainer!  I kid you not, from that point on, I rode her better and my whole demeanor changed from a passive observer to a key member of Sug's event team.

So why does feeling pretty warrant a blog writing?  Today in a Sales Meeting full of sharks and new folks, I had the confidence gained from a good hair day, appropriate fitting fashionable outfit and shoes.  Today, at work, I looked like the rider/owner and trainer...

My BSIL has been staying with me and challenging me to be better organized, better balanced and... yes, better groomed - a game changer.   "How do you get her so white?"

She's leaving me soon and I will be sad and still very grateful for the gifts she gave me.  And now, if she would only stay around long enough to help me upgrade my look at horse shows when hot, tired and dusty...

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