Monday, July 8, 2013


There is so much to say and too many stories to tell...  I lose the thought as I rush from thing to thing and throw myself into work.  Just another day in the life of an Amatuer Master (old) Rider.  One can not complain about work for it gives life ($) and allows my family to rest comfortably all day, eating and drinking well, with all work provides.
Tiny jumps, great position

Sugar has completed two events with her young 20-Something Friend.  It's been a great pleasure to watch the two of them compete - Sugar with all of her beauty, power and grace and her 20-Something Friend as beautiful a rider as the mare, solid in her seat and hands, and lightening fast with the whip to catch an errant spook. 

It was confirmed again, that Ms Sug is not an easy ride.  After leaving the dressage arena at Groton House Farm, I asked our Friend whether she still loved her.  She replied, "Well, I will always love her, but right now, I don't like her."   That was a great improvement over my Event Trainer's comment after the last time she competed her ("Sometimes, I hate your horse.")

She may not be an easy ride but she is a talented, athletic and OBEDIENT mare.
Used with permission
  •  Learnin' lesson 1 - As the two of them galloped along... Stay focused and if she seems spooky, tell her that she must jump and reassure her that nothing scary or bad will happen to her. 
  • Learnin' lesson 2 - Sometimes that discussion is with a touch of the spur or a tap of the whip.  She really does try hard to please.  It's just that she can't help herself.
  • Learnin' lesson 3 - Darn, those jumps look tiny
  • Learnin' lesson 4 - Sometimes a tree is just a tree.
This week I compete her at UNH Horse Trials.  I take all of the lessons learned this past month - my intensive Stressless Riding Clinic, watching Sug's 20-Something Friend ride her well and a little something-something that I have yet to share (not drugs, silly).

Riding the spook
Still working too much and I hope I can find the balance to tell more stories...  but I am strangely excited about it all...  Let the games begin one more time!


Amanda said...

Horse and rider look fab! Can't wait to hear about your upcoming trial!

Hannah said...

Have a good ride!

Niamh said...

It must be super inspiring watching another rider deal with your horse's shenanigans! Have a great time this weekend.

Tracy said...

Love the pictures! Sugar looks fabulous and it sounds like you've learned a lot lately! Can't wait to hear about your upcoming event!

Lindsay said...

I love how much you've learned and how much you're working on learning. Believe me, there are LOTS of us out here who need to hear what you're saying! Thank you!

Katherine Erickson said...

It was great to see you at Groton House - Sug looked wonderful! Did you, by any chance, take any pictures of me and Ky? If so, I don't have Facebook anymore, so is there a chance you could email them to me? ( Thanks!

Good luck at UNH!! You guys will be awesome :)

Kat said...

She looks great! You guys will rock UNH :-)

L.Williams said...

They look fab!

T Myers said...

She looks great and I am very happy to hear you are back competing soon!