Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Used with permission
Tonight was that night!

 It's funny sitting here in my chair still thinking about how good my ride was tonight...  we did not perfect the uphill canter or astound the lesson kids with an amazing trot big with suspension...  No, we did not do any of that!

What I had was a clear head, a willing horse, a grateful heart and a connection with another living body that made us one.  It was not brilliant and it's beauty may not have been beholden by anyone but me as a rider.  You see, our ride was filled with life and the joy of being together.

Was this feeling brought on by the Starbucks Latte Grande that graced my lips just a few hours before?  Or could it have been the result of a mind at rest, a mind that left work, at work or perhaps a combination of the two?  I say... it was the mind and not the caffeine.

Work has been incredibly hard and the expectations from the management team are extraordinary.  When you couple that with the stress of showing and add a busy social (right, not dating just running about and doing stuff), I may have gotten a bit... um... distracted and maybe, forgot the joy of having a partnership.

Used with permission
Tonight was that night that Sugar and I worked together, in harmony!  And, like a couple who had been drifting apart, our moments together had purpose but lacked joy... The loss of that joy was simply a mind that either would not or could not rest!

I am tired, really, really tired (actually head bobbing tired)... I left the barn tonight with a smile in my heart.  Sugar is truly a unique gift and I am sooo lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy that gift!  Lucky, Lucky me!

Tonight was that night!


Amanda said...

Love those moments when we suddenly remember what it is all about and why we love it and them!

Christine said...

I can relate about the stresses of work and what a blessing to be able to NOT take them home!

Sounds like the most wonderful ride :)