Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Used with permission
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"How do you get her so white?" 

There are times in my life that I believe that I'm low maintenance, just an easy-going-take-life-in-stride kind of gal.  You know the type, nothing bothers them, things come into their life and they toss their long blonde hair and with sparkling blue eyes they laugh with delight while hopping in their shiny immaculate blue dually. 

I am brown haired, brown eyed and really kind of not.... low maintenance.  And, Sugar is dirty...  yup, dirty.  Her bright white coat is blotched with manure stains and one very prominent dollop of urine.  Below her hocks, you can not detect the white in her tail. 

I groom.  I do not bathe for cleanliness, I groom.  Torn between two lovers (work and Sug).  I need to work today but those dirty bits call to me, they beg me to wisk them away.  Begging even more for the hard brush

And this morning, my dirty girl is still NQR and I have finally begun to feel the worry and fret of what is unknown.  She is better than she was that first night, yet she still appears to have neurological symptoms.  My vet, god bless her, agrees that its time for the big guns and that waiting for it to resolve may just prolong that very appointment.  So, she's scheduled for a neurological exam at Tufts Veterinary Hospital and, if appropriate nuclear scintigraphy (bone scan).

Oh, did I mention that Sugar is a dirty girl? 

Tonight, I left work late after finishing a presentation that will take me away for the next two days and I groomed my lil' pinto pony as Da Boys cleaned food bits off the stall floor.  She is white again  and I will sleep well tonight. 

"How do you get her so white?"


Amanda said...

Oh man, sending prayers/healing thoughts/anything that might work Sugar's way.

Clearly you live in a place without red clay. :) When I had Ghazal in Georgia it didn't matter how much I groomed him that stuff stains! Only a bath and blue soap had any affect.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully good news will come from the vet exam! Sending positive thoughts your way!

Kate said...

Sending good vibes that it's something easily fixable! I was so impressed by how Tuft's handled Lucy's case. Just coming out of there with a real diagnosis felt like Christmas. I hope they can pinpoint whatever is going on with Sugar.

Jodi said...

I just found your blog and am wishing you the best with your horse. I hope that everything comes out okay with the testing.