Saturday, February 7, 2015


Morning of the Blizzard (29" total)
I have the unique ability to make myself bat-shit-crazy (BSC) at any little thing.  Years of self-help books, therapy, meditation, yoga, listening to some the of the incredible greats, gurus, psychics and some really well balanced individuals do not help when I'm in a BSC "state".   I can chant ooooohhhhhmmmm, breathe in and breathe out for ever and I can still be BSC in a heartbeat!

"Someone", a Facebook "Friend", posted that they were so excited because the Eventing Season in the great Northeast/Area 1 kicks off in just 74 days.  In one moment, I could feel the 41 inches of snow melt and hear the sweet songs of love sick birds...  ahhhhhhhhhh Spring!

And in a flash, panic clutched my brain...  "What?  74 days?  I am not ready!  There is not enough time to prepare!  How will we jump?  Where and when can we XC school?  What????!!!!  Just 74 days!  How did that happen?  OMG!  THERE IS 4 FEET OF SNOW AND ANOTHER FOOT IS COMING IN ON MONDAY!!!"

Sometimes it takes an trained expert, a specialist, to talk one off the ledge.  God bless Dressage Trainer and today's sidekick, the New Barn Girl!  There is nothing like a good, dressage-butt-kicking on an animated horse to bring the crazies down to a manageable level. 

"Let go of the left rein, flex your fingers, soften her poll, bring up her shoulders, encourage her right hind to pat the ground just a bit longer, feel her balance, feel the strength of self carriage, ask for more and now reward her by allowing her to lengthen downward...  Feel her, ask her and now pat her."

A good trainer is the best therapist.  I'm sure that trainers prefer students less emotional, more together and certainly, less BSC.  Their words and guidance ease the panic of preparation and bring the energy from that sick worry of what might be to the power of being immediately in the present.  If you're truly, in the moment, nothing else exists but what is now.  Today's now was pretty darn awesome!  Thank you Dressage Trainer!

So, it isn't 74 says but 82!  The weather is not making it easy to "get ready" but seriously, in New England, you just keep going and if you're lucky, you might get a chance to do something mid April.

Sug and I will be ok.  I will continue to have moments of true BSC when I catch myself living way too far in the future.  Right now, this minute, we are very ok!

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Tracy Beavers said...

I had the same experience yesterday! I'm hoping to show May 8th and had a mild panic attack... but then a great lesson in the evening got me over my anxiety.