Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Last night while "chatting" about Maisy with Sugar's Twenty Something Friend, I said something to the effect of  "Yes, I am very happy with Maisy.  Yet, I still miss Sugar.  I find myself wishing that I could have them both."

Her kind and loving reply... "Ok, I'm going to put my B**CH hat on and say, TAKE SUGAR OFF THE PEDESTAL.  She was one tough cookie and as much as you learned, Maisy is going to actually allow you to enjoy it and put that anxiety behind you...  Me thinks it's time to smudge that old relationship away!"

Oh my!  Oh my!  Oh my!  And, I think she's right.  Maybe it's time to shine light on the shadow of Sug that covers Ms Maisy's shiny grey coat!

It would be so hard to say goodbye to all that was Sugar and our 10 years together.  Allowing those memories to live well is a gift to a period in my life that was pivotal on so many levels. 

So, the energy must be towards building the relationship with Maisy without the comparison (good or bad) to Sugar.  Maybe that's the key to letting go of the anxiety that became so much a part of jumping Sugar. 

Groton House Farm Horse Trial is just a little over a week away.  If you are a competitor, you might notice that a Stadium Jumping fence is honoring her life while supporting a great event.  And, if you happen to pick up the program, you will see the tribute designed by the Bestest Eventing Buddy...

I think this is not a goodbye to Sugar but the start of a Hello to Maisy...  Yes, that feels just right!


Amy said...

Beautifully said. Take a picture of that fence for me.

Amanda said...

Yes, what Amy said, please share a picture of the fence here for those of us who can't get to Groton House!

I teared up a bit at that tribute. What a great quote.

Karen Burch said...

Sometimes, letting go is the hardest thing. Much love to you and Maisy.

Sarah said...

Beautiful post.

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Perfectly written post.