Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Photo by Liz Kast
A pat for a good girl from a happy girl!
Here's a few confessions for you...  I like to read the last chapter of every book I read.  When watching a television series or a reading a book series, I google the plot summary so I know what's going to happen.  Oh, and here's another one, I read every spoiler alert and if you've seen the movie, I'll even ask you to tell me everything about it.  And, {{{here goes}}} it does not bother me a bit!  I just wanna know!

And if, in the moment, you asked me to tell you about our very first XC schooling lesson went, I would have gushed and smiled.  It was fantastic!  Oh, we did not jump anything but logs but we did it well! 

Water is fine!
You see, Sugar (god rest her soul), did not like XC schooling and for the most part was a wild spooky thang.  It took us 9 years to realize that Sugar was best at running a course and calling it a day.  The stop/start pace of XC schooling with horses leaving and galloping back was just too much for her to handle.   It was always a battle to keep her feet on the ground and to go forward over jumps without spooking.

Maisy, just jumps da jumps.  There is no hysteria, no reluctance to leave the group and no bold galloping with some leaping to get back to the herd.  She just jumps da jumps!  Weird isn't it?

Maisy's Twenty Something Friend
schooling her
Had the weekend ended on that note, my Lil' Country Bumpkin would have been my hero.  But I did not read the end of the book... Ms Maisy was a bit of naughty girl at the hunter pace.  Well, more than a bit but less than god awful.  I'll leave the details for some other day...  but, will continue to shake my head and say...  "Really?"

For all you new horse owners (and I do know a few of you), can we get a group hug?  When do the surprises stop?  When do you know and react effectively? 

A Wise Woman listened to my tale and said, "You know, in a year, you'll be laughing at this period and talking about the old "remember whens...  And, like delivering a baby, you forget the pain of childbirth and live with the love. It all works out!"

Do you think I can look up our story on Wikipedia? Maybe our Plot Summary can be googled?  Gosh, this living life on life's terms is really hard...  Where is a Wise Woman when you need one!

Well, she does Jump da Jumps!  And do you know what?  I actually feel that I can jump them too!  And, that IS good!


emma said...

sometimes i wish i knew how the story ends too... tho in the meantime i'll let our little successes shine bright even tho i hope we'll have greater later.

SprinklerBandit said...

The "getting to know you" period is hard and takes longer than you'd think. Glad Maisy is being (more or less) a good girl.

Heather said...

Look at the jump that pretty girl has! If it's any consolation, it took me the better part of a year and a half to get to know my mare. And she still offers up surprises. Like how she can be a Nervous Nellie ball of anxiety at home but when we haul off the property, she might have a little anxiety for 10 minutes and then she's cool as a cucumber. Horses are weirdos. :-)

Sarah said...

Glad you had a good XC schooling =)

Tracy - Fly On Over said...

Maybe I'm dense, but I'm almost 2 years in and still uncovering some surprises (although they are fewer and farther between now)