Wednesday, March 16, 2016


As a therapist, my sister was taught to look at a patient's nails and teeth during their first consultation.  Healthy, well balanced folks generally have good oral health and clean, neat fingernails.  Self care IS a sign of good mental health.
Maisy looking quite healthy with the Happy Young Professional

Maisy's feet are well manicured and her shoes cost a mere $250 every 5-6 weeks.  Her dentist declared her teeth healthy, well cared for and in very good shape.  A chiropractor adjusts her working body and I love to groom her grey coat until it radiates a silvery shine.

Maisy is very healthy and well balanced from a Licensed Mental Health Provider's perspective.

If measured by the same criteria, I am not!

Oh, I score high in the oral health scale.  I thank genetics, regular brushing and fluoride treated water from my youth for that.  My nails?  Um, not so much!

 Did I mention I work in an office?
I was driving Ms Maisy (yes, I was) and happened to look down at my hands and... gasped.  My nail beds are cracked and dry and my nails are brittle and chipped.  I have become the dog/horse version of a Cat Lady.

What is it about us horse girls that focus so intently on the health of our partners and yet, can not seem to find the time to prioritize our health as critically?

Let's see how that really looks:
  • Best shoes and regular manicures - Maisy 
  • Anxiety reducing holistic supplements - Maisy
  • Body work designed to improve performance and reduce stress - Maisy
  •  Regular breaks from work to reduce stress - Maisy
  • A varied work schedule to keep life interesting - Maisy
  • Good dental care - Maisy and me
Hmmm, good dental care... that's it?  Ok, maybe I get better food choices.
Chandler won't take care of me...

Maybe I'm a little jealous that Maisy has a person dedicated to making sure that she receives the best care and provides the right atmosphere to help her feel good and perform at her best.  Maybe I am a little jealous...  Maybe I am.

And, sometimes when I look down on broken nails and dry cracked cuticles, I remember that Maisy's person is ME!   Maybe I should hire ME to take care of me just as well as I take care of Her Greyness....

HMMMMMM... what would that look like?


Lindsey Burns said...

A couple years ago I decided that I should keep my nails nice and painted and taken care of, because if I was going to have perpetual stinky messy helmet hair and dirty riding boots on, something about me should be feminine. Plus it gives me an excuse for more pink and sparkles!

Suzanne said...

I am so going to do that! Love the idea of more sparkles!

Carly said...

I actually just started taking a biotin supplement myself because of how janky my nails are looking. I figured it helped my horse's hooves out a ton, why shouldn't I give it a go?

eventer79 said...

Driving Miss Maisy = so many points of win. I think I am this post, ha. Add in "is only woman in office & one of 5 females in state in her position, has work uniform, regularly sticks head in & out of river during work." So yeah, I don't think I've brushed my hair in about 10 years. It might freak people out a little if I did...