Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Someone once called me a perfectionist and I laughed, maybe just a bit hysterically... "How could I be a perfectionist if I never get anything right?"

"Ahhh", this wise woman replied, "A true perfectionist is stuck at never finding anything perfect!  And, they often, and sometimes finally, stop trying..."  And, that was where I was "way back when"...  Doing very little of the things I loved 'cause I couldn't do them perfectly.

Stall cleaning is an art for me.  I meticulously remove manure and trampled hay... carefully, to minimize waste.  There is a fine mix of sawdust and shavings... just so... keeping the manure from clinging to her blankets or staining her neck.  I like a cleanly swept edge.   Perfect... and that feels good to me.

"Practice Doesn't Make Perfect, Perfect Practice Makes Perfect" often quoted by Jimmy Wofford, George Morris and I'm sure more than a few of the great athletes or artists.

I love to watch professionals ride my horse...  they make Sugar perfect - light, beautiful and free.  Maybe, just maybe, I have accepted mediocrity in my dressage.   And, that is where I was "way back when..."

Stephie Baer riding Fame and Frolic
"Dare to make mistakes" is another great quote.  The changes I need to make in my riding are subtle (well, except for my canter transitions)...  I must dare to be perfect by making mistakes and doing it again...  until the transition upward is a clear distinct move from behind and with give in her poll and a release in her back.

And, I must dare to be uncomfortable while accepting that being perfect is not the same as being a perfectionist.  If it doesn't feel good try again.   Keep trying...

And, in the end, gallop and laugh...

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