Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Ah, that late afternoon large iced Dunkin slides effortlessly down my throat...  it's bittersweet taste and the cold rush reminds me that I am truly enjoying the nectar of the gods.  The caffeine is as intoxicating as its flavor...  it's going to be a long night and I hope for energy and stamina rather than shades of anxiety.

Work, work, work...  pays the bills, keeps my family in food and good health.  Sometimes when I leave the house and Da Boys look longingly through the bars of their crates, I remind them that "I work so you can play".  And then I remind myself when I can't ride Sugar for the third straight day that "Guilt is a wasted emotion."

I must confess, I have relapsed into Workaholism and somehow, misplaced the Balance Beam that keeps me happy and well.  And in the spirit of confession, Da Boys' and Sugar's needs are well taken care of...  Jonah and Chandler head off to their daily doggy play group and Sug's been dabbling with a young 20 something - the Redheaded Girl (RG). 

Ah, Balance...  A successful project could mean some release of financial burden and yet, holding off doing things one loves until the moment in time when it's done seems to be counter productive.  Yet, sometimes you have to do just that to find the freedom to return.  It's been two weeks of long hours and just one of short-tempered whining. 

Tonight, I'll ride my princess.  Tonight, I'll pet my puppies.  And, tonight, I'll have just one more cuppa joe...  Tomorrow, I'll look in my closet for that old balance beam...

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Murphy Eventing said...

Sometimes we need to misplace the balance beam to remember what "balance" is all about.