Sunday, June 3, 2012


It is a quiet Sunday morning and church bells ring their melodious tunes... calling worshipers to come in and sit with God.  My hands are wrinkled and my dishes are clean.  The laundry is humming happily in the washer below.  I type... waiting for the Prelim scores to be posted while you wait in the start box ready to go!

I did not enter this weekend so I live vicariously through you.  And your barn friends are just as excited about your entry, your progress through the weekend and ultimately your success.  We build  your "story" based on what Evententries or Startbox Scoring reveals:

  • Dressage 34.5 and in second place?  Great start, horse needed more jump in the canter and spooky but showed up and performed well.
  • Stadium - double clear?  Just wait until today's Cross Country run... separates the pack... and of course, its your best phase.
  • XC - today we wait... would there be time faults, clear runs, one or two difficult questions?  Let's hope for every horse and rider pair to "LEAVE TOGETHER AND COME HOME TOGETHER" (Eventing Rule #1)

Tell us!  Please tell us!
Today we dream and talk amongst ourselves...  Tomorrow, when you come to the barn, trust us...  We want to hear about it all!  You see Eventers and your Barn Peeps really do care on Monday.  Eventing Rule #4 only applies to work folk and family members....

Ride like you stole 'em!


Amanda said...

so true! I am always checking the scores when I'm not at an event.

Jen said...

So true! I just competed in only my 2nd recognized, and my friends had texted me my dressage score before I even made it from the ring back to the barn lol! Sure made MY life easier:)

KC said...

I have survived (and will continue to survive) the past few months because of online scoring and attending clinics to audit!

Seema said...

With Keebler in Michigan, Tucker in Alabama and Gizmo and Finn in Florida plus friends riding other horses all over the country, I am constantly stalking live scoring.