Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Just once, only once...  I kind of hope that when I jokingly tell my family that I'm going on a date, no one seems surprised.  It should be the kind of announcement that is taken in stride, greeted with a yawn or perhaps, a mere nod of the head as the conversation continues on.  That would be nice...  
Not surprised, at all!

Instead, heads snap to attention, bodies lean forward and I can hear the sharp intake of breath...  {{{Here it comes!}}}  YOU'VE GOT A DATE!!!  Their eagerness and desperation does not match mine... at all.  But, alas this blog is not about THAT!

At the City Barn, horse girls will yap.  And, as the weekend approaches, the talk turns to who is doing what, and where... I say to my Barn Peeps...  This weekend we're going to Town Hill Horse Trials...  just Beginner Novice.  You know, we're just going to get out there and do it.  My only goal is to complete.

"Complete?", said Newbie, "Complete?  Shouldn't your only goal be to come home safely?  Completing is an aggressive goal!"

{{{{Really?  Thanks for the vote of confidence}}}}  Remember, I did come home safely from UNH in May...  that counts, right?   {{{SIGH}}}

"That's a good goal!  You go girlfriend!" said Bestie CB Buddy, "Completing would be a big accomplishment and I know you can do it!  Ribbons are over rated, you should be happy to complete!"

{{{{Ah, come on...  really?  Can't you just say, I know you can do it and win too...  SIGH}}}}

And my Bestest Eventing Buddy, "Right, no pressure...  Git er done!  And then worry about a ribbon..."

{{{Ok, not really a vote of confidence but no surprise...}}}

Back when I was feeling the grrrrr!
It is my goal.  And as odd as it sounds (and in the true sense of confession), no one knows us at Town Hill.  It shouldn't matter if they do but in some ways, I feel no pressure to perform.  I can just be and hopefully that will be one kick-a** competitor with a horse on fire, eager to jump and carry me across the finish line.  

I want this one...  And, without the desperation of the dateless, I need this one!  And, I can feel it in my heart, I will have this one...  Let the cowgirl roar! 

And maybe, just maybe the next time I leave the start box, it will be to win...  just sayin'!  Maybe, huh?


Anonymous said...

You've got to complete to win . . . just focus on having the best ride you can and enjoy yourself and the rest will come right along with it. Have fun!

eventer79 said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with that at all -- when I compete, I am only competing against one team: Us. Whether we are 1 or 5 or 19th, if we have improved against our previous performance, than I have achieved my goals. And what I really care about is running that XC course anyway!!!! I don't give 2 craps if someone has a lower score than me in the sandbox, ROFL.

SprinklerBandit said...

It's an excellent goal. My XC goals for this year have looked like this:

First schooling: Do not end up in the emergency room if/when fall occurs.

Second schooling: Stay on the horse.

First event: Stay on the horse and know the course.

Second event: Bolt for less than half of the course.

;) My horse gets a little forward.

Completion is a great goal and you can do it. Maybe you'll be able to drag a ribbon home with you. ;-) I did.

Anonymous said...

Well here's a vote for you to complete and win!