Thursday, February 14, 2013


Best Facebook status of the day...  "Some call it Valentine's Day, I call it Thursday!"

Nothing like the love of a good biscuit!
For the record, I am not one of those  "I hate Valentine's Day" types, nor am I a lonely spinster (although I believe my mom thinks I am) or the inevitable single-never-been-married-animal hoarder.   Occasionally, I sometimes look like a "Cat Lady" even though I do not have cats. (No, I will not enter "What Not to Wear"!)

It's just that Valentine's Day forces people to acknowledge love as if it had to be forced.  I say...  Love always, acknowledge often...  whenever, wherever to whomever.

Loving the City Barn view

Once, way back when, I believed that love was finite, as if there was this one bucket filled with love for all to have and use.  If someone used it to give to another, the bucket had less love for the rest.  It was a tough world to live in when you hoarded love and only dolled it out when absolutely necessary.  And god forbid if you gave some away and it was not returned in kind....

Today, that bucket is sitting on a geyser... not only overflowing but on a slightly regular and often basis it erupts into gushers of love, happiness and good will.  Today, I find this is the bucket I want in my life... 

So on this Valentines Day...  I send a bucket out to all my peeps and hope that I follow my own words and work to make this a frequent appreciation of love:
  • The  Villagers who keep me sane...
  • My Family who love me despite their confusion
  • My Sistah Friend whom I adore
  • Photo used with permission
  • Dressage Trainer, Eventing Trainer and Bestest Eventing Buddy who make my world fun
  • New Barn Girl and the Berlin Gang for making it bright
  • Hunt Club Peeps for kicking it up a bit
  • And of course...  Da Boys and Sugar for the buckets they give me every day
  • (Note, I would have to reread my posts to remember the other names I've given to memorable Peeps...  I haven't forgotten you....)
Give a whole lotta love...  you would be surprised at how much it expands...  Wooooo hoooo!

Confessional Note - I can be a grumpy, pissy girl too...  that just makes me human and gives the Villagers and a Professional Friend or Two some great topics to work on and improve!!!