Tuesday, February 26, 2013


What? Oh no you didn't!  Shut up, no way... you just stop!  Do not...  not gonna listen!  Shut up!  NO Way!  JUST STOP!  Slow it down... You're killin' me...  didja know?  You're killin' me!  STOP!
Scary stuff...

So that little soliloquy is the rap that roars into my head when the Bestest Eventing Buddy tells me that she...  let's see...  has already printed out her entries for the first two Area 1 Events.  And when I gasp my surprise, she mentions that Opening Day is two weeks away and that the first Event is just eight weeks away.

Eight weeks...  Just eight weeks to put my big girl panties on and get the 2013 season started.  Sigh....  just eight weeks.  That's kind of like working out the timing for getting a boy friend, falling in love and having a child and then children...  you know, just completing a life's cycle.  

2012 Season... not too shabby
What do I need to do now to be able to start my season in just eight weeks?  {{{I think getting a boyfriend, marrying and having a child might be easier.}}}

Progress is slow but steadily climbing upward.  We're jumping better, with less hysterics from the two of us...  And, I swear that I actually had fun this last jumping lesson.  Trust...  that's what the Eventing Trainer said...  Sugar and I are beginning to develop trust again.  So the very scary jump won't kill her and when I say, "Sug, you must jump the scary jump because I say so..."  Her reply has been...  "Oh?  Oh, OK!"  And that IS good!

Eight weeks...  so little time... so much to do!  Breathe in...  Breathe out!  Eight weeks... gonna be a good year!  Just you wait and see...

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