Sunday, April 7, 2013


Fighting to come up out of the debris
Ah Spring!  The time of rebirth...  flowers peeping through last year's lost leaves, birds singing sweet love songs for all to hear and the air is filled with the promise of warm days to come.  Here in New England it bursts out of the winter like fireworks in a July sky!  It is one of the most fabulous displays of night into day...

And with it comes the HISSY FIT!  After a winter of cold, long gray days locked in the confines of an indoor arena, you can feel the energy begin to build and eagerness start to soar.   The slightest change can cause leaping and bounding or quiet agitation waiting for its release.  A request to move forward or when asked for more often results in a flash of anger and a look that says, "Watch out!  I will let go...!"  Sometimes, you have to take a step back and approach even more gently than you did in January.

"Sugar", you say, "Wow, she does sound like a bit of a diva!  Poor thing!"

Oh, I was actually talking about myself.  I only wish I had an owner that would gently bring me down to the ground and assure me that, "I'm a good girl!"  And, "You'll be fine once you get outside again and jump around... It's all gonna come back to you!  Don't worry!  You'll be fine!"

The great news is that Sugar is actually taking Spring quite well (if you don't count windy days in her paddock)!  No lost brain moments leaping out of control...  She's been a lady.  Not sure my coworkers would say the same thing about me...  just sayin!

Our season will be slightly behind when compared to our previous years but when it comes, the Hissy Fits will be much milder...  And that is good for us all!


Kat said...

No hissy fits sounds great to me! Hope you're enjoying spring :-)

Rachel said...

Spring is always difficult, it seems especially so for mares!