Sunday, March 31, 2013


Ahhhh, the half halt...  that one moment where your hand asks the horse to stop while your legs ask them to go forward.  Done well, the horse balances, transfers power onto their hind legs and then thrusts forward with grace... elevating the pair upwards lightly. 

The action is swift, hold and then let go.  Done poorly, momentum is slowed, the horse gets stuck and heavily rooted.  There is no where to go from there...  except to start over and hope to achieve the lightness, while maintaining the power and grace.

I just finished a most spectacular Staycation that moved into a Vacation.  Its Spring here in New England and I used every opportunity I could to ride outside...  Outside, the glorious outdoors...  Its been almost 4 months since I could truly say that I spent lots of time OUTSIDE...  That grin that started Wednesday was a full blown all encompassing full-cheeked smile by Friday. 

Spring in New England
Shhhhhhh...  Sugar and I galloped for the first time since the Thanksgiving Hunt and it was spectacular!  We probably got a real gallop going on for maybe 200 yards before she leaped and bounded...unable to contain her excitement.  Every first gallop of the season is amazing and this one was no different than the other Spring gallops.

Yet, by the time I left for Kripalu Yoga and Center for Health, I lost that loving feeling.  Well, maybe I allowed the negativity of others fill the joy that was in my heart.   You see, I went from the  overwhelming happiness of being alive, of loving my quirky exuberant horse, to obsessing about the upcoming show season and indulging in a long time resentment towards a barn peep.

What I needed, truly needed...  really needed... was a HALF HALT!  A spiritual half halt allowing me to rebalance my energy and power and letting go of fear, anger and resentment and releasing the grace and peace that makes me smile.

Kripalu - it's that kind of place!
And thus, my quest this weekend was for that moment where my mind half halts while letting go, moving forward with beauty, power and grace...  The work began and will continue as long as my heart is willing...  How lucky am I?

{{{Note to self - Waving drivers into the merge is a very nice gesture which loses it's nice quality if you teach them to drive - Jersey Style.  Just sayin'!}}}

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I like the concept of a spiritual half halt . . .