Thursday, December 12, 2013


Da Boys - Angelic
Today was not one of my best days... In fact, if you were to ask Da Boys to judge my performance, I believe that they would give me an overall D - impatient, testy, angry, loud and just plain rude.  And, I don't think I want you to ask them to give me individual scores 'cause that would be far to embarrassing.

You see, I hate ice.  And, here in New England, the winters can be beautiful - a wintery wonderland of intense weather and stark beauty.  That is, until the ice arrives with its slippery surface begging you to trust it or hiding itself under new snow waiting patiently for it's next victim...  I HATE IT!

And let the barking begin!
Sugar's trip to the farrier was just a delight and a test of my serenity (which I failed).  The truck and trailer entombed in ice and at 16 degrees, there was no hope of the sun helping with the thaw.  My plan to walk the dogs, take them home and head off, alone, to the farriers failed me.  (Did I mentioned that I fell on an ice patch buried in new snow?)  Da Boys were coming too.

As I pulled out of the farm, my truck slid on the untreated surface.  And, Chandler barked.  I screamed for him to shut up.  He barked some more.  Who wouldn't?  "Obviously there was something gone wrong... send out the alarm!"

And there began my morning of yelling at a hound, bemoaning the untreated surfaces and acting like a 13 year old hormonal girl.  I think the only "adult" in the truck was Jonah.  He acted like a person frantically trying to make things better.   I think the peak was parking the trailer...  hound obstructing the mirrors called for renewed yelling and maybe a tiny bit of throwing things...  just a lil bit...
Jonah - the sane one with an
eating disorder

Sigh, I am not proud of my behavior.  And, what was worse was the look Chandler gave me when I got home.  It was one of those, "I am outta here crazy lady!  You just go on about your business... I will not bother you again!"


Dog... god... dog... god...  very, very similar...  The amazing thing is a dog's capacity to forgive and to love unconditionally.  Wish I was more like that! 

Tonight, I sit here, nestled between two gods...oops, I mean dogs.  They cuddle and love... today's role of angry mare, hormonal 13 year old is forgotten in their eyes.  I survived our first ice and I am home safe, blessed for the company...
Dog.... god... dog... god.... dog.... hmmmm  


Amanda said...

Yep, dogs are one of God's most forgiving creatures, that's for sure! I'm glad you guys made it through the ice safely, that can be scary stuff!!!

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Given the circumstances I actually think your behavior was better than mine might have been! Dogs are amazing beings for sure, glad you have two great ones.