Tuesday, December 31, 2013


"He puzzled and puzzed till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before. Maybe Christmas, he thought... doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps... means a little bit more!" 
Dr Suess's  " How the Grinch Stole Christmas"

I was gonna start this little ditty with a story about a girl who used to spend the Christmas season alone, deep into the throes of workaholism  and just waiting for the time to pass.  Yeah, it was the way I wanted to start this...  but I can't!  You see, that was a time way back when in a world far away!

You know, I'm not puzzling and my puzzler certainly isn't sore...  Finding Christmas Spirit truly is a little bit more.  I'm finishing December sitting in a very cold house waiting for the heating guy to save me from what will soon be an artic holiday!  And yet, there is a smile on my face and sparkle in my heart that keeps all but my typing fingers warm (maybe the layers of fleece help too).

2006 - Girl meets Sug for 1st time
Celebrating is an action verb where one must seek and find adventures.  I, personally, look for bright lights, beautiful colors, moments of expression, doing things with and for people.  I like to fill my soul with the sensuality of the season.  It makes things whole.

Sugar and Da Boys went on vacation with me.  Well, actually Sugar spent her vacation in NJ at my teen niece's eventing barn.  She was to be the Teen's BFF for Christmas Break - my dream to share one love with another.  And maybe, it was seeing a reflection of me in her and...

Whatever it was, her joy in having her own "lil' pinto pony" made my Christmas one to cherish...  And, this Teen got her, she understood all that is Sugar and it was good!  It was really good!  Let's see, her reports back to me said it all:

Day 1 - Me - " How was Sugar?"  Teen - "She was amazing.  We jumped and she was really great but a chicken."  Me - "Did you make her go?"  Teen - "Yeah, of course I did!"

Sug, an Angel? Not really
Just being herself!
Day 2We hunted together.

Day 3 - Me - "Did you ride yet?"  Teen - "Just got off.  She was rather rude today, but okay!"  Me - "Rut ro!"

Day 4 - Teen - "Just finished riding --- Sug was fabulous!  We jumped."

Day 5 - Me - "How was Sug?  Teen - "Great!  We jumped - even the stone wall.  She was great!"

Day 6 (the last day) - Teen - "hey!! Sugar was amazing today!  Like really!  Best day we had so far.  we did lots of angles and Trainer made a skinny.  She was working hard.  I'm actually sad to see her go.  Thank you for this opportunity.  This has really been a blast and I loved "owning" my own horse."    Me - "I'm soooo glad you had fun with her...  It makes it all worthwhile."  Teen - "Hopefully....  Maybe... If you can....  Can she come back this summer?"  Me - "We'll make it happen!"

Me, filled with Christmas Cheer
I cried a little bit as I drove my family up the Garden State Parkway.  For what?  So many things, including joy...  The gift was mine...

And, Sugar?  I love you even more for giving this Teen a good experience, for putting your schoolmarm outfit on but not making it too easy for her.  Could I ever really let you go?  Not really... you have a home no matter what!  Thanks.... 


And the Teen seven years later... 


Amanda said...

What a wonderful gift for your niece! and I'm not surprised at all that you got so much out of it as well, that's usually how those things go! Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hannah said...

Aw, so many warm and fuzzies. :)