Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I confess I am an overthinker and, I believe I am not alone.  There is a ghost lurking about... a spirit, if you will...  there is a whisper that maybe Sugar is still Not Quite Right (NQR). 
Puppies are worry free

Who knows for sure?  I, for one, can no longer judge or feel what is real because the ghost of her last injury haunts me.  "Is she ok?"  "Is she losing her hind end?  "Why is she doing that?"   "Hey, can you just look at her and tell me if there is anything wrong?"  "Can you look at her and tell me what you think?"  "Why does her neck keep popping when we do carrot stretches to the left?"  "Does she look dull to you?"

Is there anyone out there?

Next weekend is our first event of the season and my neurosis grow stronger...  "Is she ok?  Is there anyone out there?"

It occurred to me that wondering/obsessing/ignoring/moving on/worrying was not going to make for a good event or even a clear head.  The eerie haunting, either from the fear of hurting her further, of getting hurt because she tried and failed or forcing a hurt horse to perform, is so consuming that the joy of an adventure is barely a whisper.

 So, I called the vet and asked her to come out and give her opinion.  Call it an exorcism, a saging of bad spirits or a cleansing of energy, when she gives me her blessing, Sugar and I are moving on!   I truly suspect (as does the millions of folks I've bothered) that she will say she is fit to do Beginner Novice at GMHA.

And, I feel good underneath the worry...  I feel like we are gonna be ok!  Vet visit first and then, let the games begin!


Amanda said...

Better safe than sorry and especially better peace of mind for your event! The last thing you need is extra worry. Hopefully everything turns out A OK!

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I think that type of worry is simply part of owning horses - it comes with the package! It never hurts to get your fears laid to rest by a professional and is often the only "cure" for this.

Tracy said...

Oh horses -- so big and beautiful yet so fragile!

T Myers said...

Good call on calling the vet - hope it goes well.