Thursday, May 1, 2014


Used with permission
Have you ever done something...  just a little naughty?  Have you ever dated a bad boy or girl?  Or have you shown your High School yearbook to your nieces and nephews and saw a cryptic story or two that maybe just isn't rated PG?  Maybe, just maybe you were one of those kids that danced on the edge of goodness yet always remaining a GOOD GIRL...

Sugar will be 15 tomorrow.  When I think of that number, I am shocked at how fast time has flown by...  I am in love with a wild thing...

At some point in the "near" future, I will be looking for my next eventing horse.  And, as I window shop the ads, I have a better idea of what I want that next horse to be but my friends aren't so sure: 

"Ugly" said one Barn Peep.  "Get an ugly one because beautiful doesn't quite work out well for you!" 

Used with permission
"Better get the blessings of all your trainers, the Bestest Eventing Buddy and maybe your therapist before you do the PPE.  Knowing you, you'll buy beautiful, talented and challenging.  The next one should be easy and fun."

"Nothing but a packer."

You see, I'm in love with a wild thing and I think they know it. 

Happy Birthday Sugar!  You have been my dream come true!  Depending on the time of day and the results of our last outing, my description of you changes.  Yes, there is no denying your beauty, your athleticism, your power and grace.  You have all of that!

Honest as they come, you can't be trusted 100%... "ride every jump as if she'll stop".  And when I think I know you, you surprise me.  You've carried teenagers like an agreeable pony, taught working students decent dressage, and soared to great heights with your professional and/or talented friends.

You hate to hack but are awesome on adventures.  We doubted that you could fox hunt and you are one of the best hunt horses out there.  You particpated in a parade with marching bands in front and in back of us and looked like you were born to the job - puffed up and regal.  Yet, moving the chair in the indoor will cause a meltdown that requires great riding talent to ride through.

Happy Birthday Sugar!  When your nose peeks out of your stall door, I know that I am truly in love with a wild thing!  And, no matter how I describe you...  I wouldn't change a thing.  {{{Maybe}}}


Amanda said...

Love this! Happy Birthday Sugar!

Anonymous said...

Great post! Happy birthday pretty mare!

Kate said...

She sure keeps you on your toes! Happy Birthday Sugar!

Amy said...

Happiest of Birthdays, Ms Sug! Love your sister Sug in NJ, and her rider.

Susan said...

Awww! Happy birthday to your beloved equine pal! Very flashy pony! :)

Tracy said...

Happy, happy birthday Sug!

Kelly said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sug!!! I so know what you mean about pretty mares :)