Monday, September 29, 2014


Self promotion - my braids
Going to horse shows/events as a competitor, volunteer and/or a spectator, for me, is like going to a huge luxuriant shopping mall where everything is what I like and there is so much to want.  I can not help myself, I'm lusting after your horse and if it's big, beautiful and flashy, I can feel just the hint of drool...  I want your horse!

{{{{Oh, that's right... my next horse has to be ugly.}}}}

The one I fell in love with this weekend had ears that twitched and wiggled as she approached each and every XC jump.  You could see the excitement in her big brown eyes and her ears just communicated to the world her eagerness.  And, when my niece answered her question with a calm "Yes, that is ours!", her ears stilled and her body lifted them over, landing as lightly as a feather and galloped on!

Can I say it again?  Those ears twitching and wiggling were the cutest things ever and I fell in love with her over and over again!   You know, it wasn't just those ears but that this lil' palomino pony (actually a draft cross horse) gave this teenager the ride of a lifetime and the smile as proof. 

Nothin' better than the post XC
Did this Niece remember her last (and first event ever) outing where her final score was worthy of a A++ grade in high school?  No, I don't think so!  And, that is why Eventing rocks!  This week, she finished 9th, did not take home a piece of colorful polyester but totally and completely came home with joy and happiness in her heart!

And, little Miss Winter, if you have a brother that is a hand or two taller, maybe just a little bit longer neck...  Can you give him my name?  'Cause little Miss Winter, you are the Perfect Pony!