Sunday, September 21, 2014


Can you name one person in your life (friend/acquaintance/family member) that is always suffering from one bad thing or another?  Or, always seems to have some drama going on or crisis in their life...  Sometimes you just shake your head sadly and think, "Poor So and So, he/she never gets a break!"
My steed instilling confidence
before we tacked up.

Destiny is not something defined in stone or a clear set path that you have to follow because it is your "lot in life."  I truly believe that life is a journey and that there is no wrong path to take.  I even believe that it is within our own power to change the course of our lives and make it exactly the way we want it. 

(I also firmly believe that I will win the big, big lottery and become a major landowner and fund elite and upcoming riders and the low middle class rider who needs some help with a passion...  just sayin'.  Naysayers...  you just wait and see!)

Not pinto ears, just keen ones!
Sometimes, all you gotta do is say YES...  Think about it!  How many times have you been asked/offered an opportunity (gift, support, etc) and for some reason, you said NO.  "No, I can't go out Friday night, I'm bushed and want to nest at home."  "No thanks, I really don't have time to do that..."  "Ahhhh, thanks but I really couldn't take your help.  It would be too hard to coordinate."

Sugar is still lame on her right front.  Two lameness exams have ruled out a whole bunch of serious things - not her check ligament, not damage to the boney structure of her hoof/pastern or fetlock, not any serious or debilitating arthritis.  Tuesday we rule out a soft tissue injury to her medial collateral ligament.  If so, then we might just be dealing with a bad pastern bruise...  Fingers crossed.

Not too much color yet...
I left the barn after 2.5 hours of vet work carrying the world on my shoulders - How do I take more time off of work for another vet visit?,  How much is this going to cost me?  What if she's broken...  like really broken?  How do I get all my work done, get more sales so I can support her in retirement and get a new horse? (Still need some work on the "living in the day" concept?)

One of my hunting peeps called me to see how Sugar was and listened to my tale of woe, worry and fret.  After my diatribe, she said that the cure for my mood would be a fall fox hunt on her new mare.

These ears will be back in action, I'm sure!
Photo used with permission -
And here goes the cleverly disguised NO - "Thanks, that sounds like fun!  She's an awesome horse but, I don't think I have the bandwidth right now to ride.  I really need to nest, take care of the house, do my laundry, hang with dogs!"  (Translation - I want to mope and feel sorry for myself.)  "I'll let you know tomorrow after I have time to figure things out (mope).  Maybe, I'll just come and take pics for the calendar."

Gently, but firmly, she replied, "We need riders not pictures."  With that, I just said YES!

It was a beautiful, early fall day.  The hounds were melodious and Zelda was a blast to hunt!  Her gaits were smooth as glass and her gallop powerful and uphill.  I smiled, laughed and had a great day!  All of that, because I chose to say YES!

How lucky am I?


Jodi said...

It does seem like it's the things that you initially want to say no to that end up being the most fun. I'm glad you had a good time and hope that Sugar gets better soon.

No Hour Wasted said...

Yay! Nice post. Just what I needed to hear in my life too.

T Myers said...

as much as I hate the term - YOLO

Amanda said...

Sounds like a great friend! Sometimes you just can't take no for an answer. :)