Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Used with permission
A wise woman once told me that IF you view life as a destination - a place to get to, things to accomplish, results to be made - you will always find yourself in a position of failure.  That to live life as a journey allowing every step you take to be just another path towards a life that is well lived, you can only succeed.    

And in not so distant a past, a "professional friend" asked me to think hard and try to remember a time where change resulted in something terrible.  I immediately thought about leaving a secure position to take a job with a crazy, bullying boss and then, remembered that it led me to a new and better job that provided me with the means and the people that helped make my dream of owning my own horse come true.

Shopping for a new partner has been an amazing, wonderful, tearful, exciting, disappointing and interesting experience.  And, I think I may have a new friend, pending the Pre Purchase Exam (PPE).

And that, my friends, has filled me with angst.  She (wasn't it supposed to be a boy?) is a pretty gray (but wasn't I supposed to get ugly and bay?) who has hunted first flight in VA(wait, wasn't it supposed to be an event horse?).  I can not stop wondering if I'm making a mistake...  the "What ifs" are killing me. 

And then, I hear the Wise Woman...  "This is just another step forward in your journey, just another path to take" and I am comforted.  And, when the "What ifs" rise again, the "professional friend" whispers in my ear, "When has change done you wrong?"  I am comforted.

My Eventing Trainer said that I am still living with the memory of Sugar and putting everything in her shadow.  I knew her so well that even with some histronics, I had the confidence built from a long term relationship.

If this new lil' girl passes the PPE, I will have a lovely friend, with good gaits, an awesome jump who can gallop in her home field without leaping in the air.  I wonder and smile.  I guess my "professional friend" is right... Change is just another part of life's journey.

Shhhhh... I still miss that kissable nose!


Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Fingers crossed for the PPE!

Sugar would be happy you are finding a new girl to love, she's smiling down on you.

La Fattina said...

You'll have a new kissable nose. Sugar will never be replaced, but you have a new partner in crime. And new memories to make.

Kelly said...

Sending good thoughts your way that the new girl is THE ONE!

Heather said...

{{{{{{Good vibes that the Pretty Grey is THE ONE!}}}}}}

Amanda said...


I hope everything works out, and your new horse will have a different place in your heart. There's nothing wrong with that; it is not less or more. It's just different.

Amy said...

Hey girl! That's wonderful news! Keeping my fingers crossed for you. :)

emma said...

good luck! my fingers are crossed for you and this next step of your journey!