Sunday, October 16, 2011


Me "sucking" up to the Huntsman
on a "colorful" day
Photo used with permission

I believe that your attitude sets your destiny...  Believe it and it comes true.  Think about all the folks you know who tell you how hard life is, how so many things happen to them, how everything sucks...  It's true...  not because of reality, its because that's their view, their take on life.  They miss the hundreds of gifts - big and small, that happen often.  So when I hear the wives tale that bad things happen in threes, I groan and then laugh...  HA!

Um... uh...  so...  I proved, yet again, in front of 30 or more of my "closest" hunting buddies, at a Joint Hunt, that Bumbles do, in fact, bounce.  And, that would make it #3 for this year (Groton House Farm - the big one, during a jumping lesson and now, hunting).  I could go on...

It was a spectacular day - a New England Fall at its absolutely best - chilled air, just warmed by the brilliant sun,  reds, oranges and yellows deepening and  a crisp wind helping our frisky horses be that much more exuberant.   And it was a Joint Meet...  more folks to enjoy the hidden jewels in and about Concord MA.  It was gonna be a good day!  

The first piece was fantastic...  fast, hounds screaming as they hit the scent and chased the elusive anise drippings.  The jumps came quickly and mostly downhill.  I was filled with the power of Sugar's jump and drunk with her speed.  BRING IT ON!  We were on fire!!!

Yet, I started this hunt with just a little worry.  It wasn't much...  and I brushed it away.  And, it jiggled around in my brain... hmm, what if I fall today?  Again, I brushed it off.  If I believe it will happen, it will.

The second piece was a nice galloping piece...  the uncut hay field was thick.  (If you want your dressage horse to have more jump in her canter, gallop across an uncut hay field after three days of rain.)  I felt tight, secure and still drunk on all things Sugar.  
Photo by D Rassulo

The big brush jump was sticky but the landing was light and forward... on to the coop.  The field was a little stuck, so I half-halted about 6 strides out...  then as Sug was about to jump...  she had a slight hesitation.  I "helped" her by leaning forward just so...  she spun out and I left a sandy imprint at the front of the jump...  The Bumble bounced up...  her body fine, her ego in disarray.

So, a highly regarded Eventing trainer (former Bruce Davidson groom/rider) laughed and gave me the next set of "threes".  "You had a great canter going in and you both looked great...  Bruce had this to say:
  • First mistake - a good horse will jump (The half-halt in a Pelham caused her to curl, I needed to bring her head up.)
  • Second mistake - a good horse should jump (Lost impulsion and did not help her with my leg.)
  • Third mistake - you're going to eat dirt (I leaned instead of staying in the middle of her.)
Humble pie served warm can be delicious.  I sobered up quickly and learned well.  Sugar is an amazing horse...  no matter what the discipline.  She is not a machine and needs a partner.  We look good, we jump well, we are a pretty decent team...  I fall, I get up and I go on.  I really wish it wasn't in front of most of the Field at a Joint Meet.   

Ok, I would love it just a little bit if Sugar would look at bit concerned when I fall and maybe hover around a bit.  That would be nice.  Instead, she runs off and I'm sure if she could talk, she would be screaming...  "Her fault, not mine... yup, it was her..."  God I love that MARE!

Oh, and another set of threes...  Blue Ribbon at our Hunter Pace, Blue Ribbon at the Myopia Novice Horse Trials...   ooooo, can't wait for that third Blue Ribbon...  Rut ro!
Waiting for the Cast (Photo by D Russillo)


KC said...

Bravo! I'm a believer in 3's, so you're done! Until next year, that is. But it will be 3's of a different kind. Maybe three event wins!

SprinklerBandit said...

Even with the fall, it sounds like a completely awesome day. ;-) Way to look for that third ribbon.

horse care courses said...

Hi came over from the carnival, sounds like you had a great time despite the fall. Glad noone was hurt.