Thursday, October 13, 2011


Carter's first dip in the stream
De-kenneling the TX "pups"
So have you ever finished a vacation grateful to go back to work and rest?  Oh, that doesn't mean that I'm actually napping at work...  it means that I am not running hither, tither and yond while out and about.  It means that I am sitting at a desk, using a computer, thinking...  and then doing the things I thought about or going out to clients asking them to think about the stuff I thought about. 

This is the Staycation I've planned on having for months.  It was to be the time to organize closets, put my winter stuff away and bring out summer clothes to fill the empy spots.  Wait, I was supposed to do that in April and then during my layup this summer and again over Labor Day weekend.  {{{sigh}}}  I might as well pack summer up and and fill up winter.  Or I could live in the great world of things left undone... 

And then there were the Hounds - Carter and Chloe, Chandler's brother and sister - retired from the pack before their first run.   This winter litter was the result of Cloudy's longing and her amazing ability to run, jump and climb ...  anything for love (or perhaps, the lustful yearning of a young girl choosing her man Justice and laughing at all attempts to deny her?).  It wasn't planned and although Cloudy is a nice hound and Justice a spectacular man, our territory requires a different direction in breeding.

Carter and Chloe at the Cargo Bay
So Chandler's brother and sister took the 10am Continental Flight to Texas to live in the beautiful home (5 acres in an equestrian community) with my brother and sister-in-law.  Here they will be loved and spoiled.  Here they will change someone's world like Chandler did mine...  bringing hound love and goofiness.  I am thrilled to have spent my Staycation preparing them for their new life.

So, work will be a relief.  If I wait long enough, it will be summer again and my dresser drawers will have proper seasonal clothes...  no one will ever know!  ;)  Hmmm... maybe that's why I'm single...

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