Saturday, October 29, 2011


As I sit here, cozy warm, two dogs snoring away, I'm not pondering the laundry that needs to be done.  No, not that, nor the dirty dishes sitting in the sink.  I'm not moaning about the Nor'easter bringing a foot of snow and wrecking havoc with Halloween plans.  No...  I'm here...  one hand holding a mug full of chai tea and the other busily writing... 
Halloween snow!

It's a good night.  There is no better feeling than being home after stealing a day...  You see, we could've canceled the hunt.  It was too cold and the weatherfolk warned us of how bad it was going to be and so many other things were being canceled, postponed....  why not us?

Magical!  That's what this was for me!  Oh, I'm not going to tell you that I now have to search for a loophole in Hunt Courtesies...  you see, I don't think a person should have to buy a bottle of wine IF that person's unscheduled dismount was due to the fall of the horse after a jump on a slippery 90 degree turn...  That is my work before the Master's Dinner... Just sayin'!

The world before a snowstorm is a cold quiet place.  The density of the air wraps around our bodies and our horses breath clouds before us.  The grass yellowed and peppered with snow... The woods were more tree than leaf.   The leaves remaining color the woods like stars in a moonless sky... beautiful and brilliant.

Framingham MA, like everywhere, is overgrown with housing, big malls, Route 9 and getting even more so each year. Who would have thought that we could be out running with the hounds chasing the ever elusive anise scent for over 2 hours. The territory includes fields, woods, multiple stream crossings and a menagerie of animals - dairy cows, donkeys, chickens galore. For one moment, I bow my head and honor the conservationists, the farmers and all the folks who have worked hard to keep this area open. Thank you all!

Fwiends...  gotta luf dem!
10/15/11 Hunt - more leaves.
Sugar stood at the first cast, shaking with anticipation waiting for the cue to run.   The Huntsman and the Whips came parading down the path from the Hound Truck.  The hounds besides them, whining and yipping, begging to be sent on the way.  The Field parted and, then...  it began.  The whining and yipping continued as the pack fanned through the field...  Then, a sharp cry and we were off like a shot!

It was a good day to hunt.  The hounds thoroughly enjoyed the work weaving in an out of the woods calling for back up.  It was fantastic to watch the Whips work bringing the excited pack off the hill and back to the check!  I wanted to lead a cheer...  but I have been told that, well, the Wave is frowned upon at the Check...  even if well-deserved.

Animals bring out the best in us.  We brave the elements...  no matter what.  We go out when others stay in.  For that, we get these gifts...  the jewels of life.  Outside in a quiet world with 25 of my "closest and dearest" hunting peeps.  Hmmm, now to find that loophole!

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