Thursday, December 15, 2011


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Way back when...  GRRR!
My winter prescription is to jump twice a week.  Now, I wasn't told that jumping twice a week should be a complex 3' Jumper course.  I was told to put on the jumping saddle and jump anything, at any height until the thought of jumping becomes ho hum... unexciting.

For some reason...  I don't wanna... 

What happened to attitude defines destiny? What happened to seeing success and then allowing it to happen? If I continue to play it "safe" now, how small will my world be as safe gets bigger?  Or worse, I can remember those days of starting... tomorrow.  Never quite getting going but always preparing to get started.  That string of thoughts is scarier than any tree out there!

Lucky for me, these prescriptions become rules and like the "good girl" I am, I abide by rules set to guide me.  Here it was Thursday and I only popped over tiny jumps on Sunday...  I was running out of days.  So despite the "I don't wanna", there I was, saddling up... jumping tack, bell boots...   wondering what happened to the cocky "I'm-moving-up-to-Training-rider"?  Will she ever return?
Go Sug Go!
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It was a very good lesson.  Sugar was fresh and forward... like we've been working on.  The theme was to Let Go!  Find her body's freedom and when she releases into my hands channel her energy upward...  More cowbell, more loft, more horse underneath me...  That energy is like a drug... the strength and power fills my body and connects to my brain... Priceless!

And then we jumped...  not big... the goal was perfection.  It was like making something in a crock pot...  looks like a mess of stuff in the beginning but cooking slowly and consistently... something wonderful comes together. 

Oh we had the spooks and the attempts to spook and spin at the corners...  But together, we made something...  not big but really good.  And I left with a smile and hope for more.

This weekend, we head out to my Event Trainer's place for a jumping intensive.  One of my rules for the weekend is to work on my nerves by using the same techniques I use at shows.  I want to leave this sesson feeling like a rock star!

Hey Sugar, you with me on this one?   {Anyone?  Anyone?}

Wish us luck! 


eventer79 said...

Sounds like progress to me! Good luck!

SprinklerBandit said...

Glad I'm not the only one struggling with this. :-) We'll make it.

KC said...

I love this entry! So honest. The jumps don't have to be big - if they're jumped well, that's a huge victory. Good luck this weekend - have a blast and use that grrr!

Anonymous said...

Best of Luck! Let us know how it goes...