Saturday, April 21, 2012


I love a good bath...  my body submerged deeply in a jacuzzi tub, bubbles swirling lightly.  The delicate, woody scent of ginger wafts up and around my resting head.  Candle light dancing above my body and the sound of quiet spa music takes my worries away...  Ahhh, I do love a good bath.

Sugar, on the other hand...  DOES NOT!

Today is Opening Day for the 2012 Bathing Season...  where one attempts to "get the white horse soooo white"!  And, folks...  if I had a quarter for every time someone asks me that question, my bank account would not ring with the emptiness of the upcoming show season.

Looking happy in her "bath robe"
And, if you had the patience to listen to the answer, you might just agree with my mom and see me, not as an accomplished groom, but an anal retentive spinster...  a cat lady in the making.  So, in an effort to preserve my image (the fantasy that I keep in my head), I will spare you the details and leave you with few things...  regular grooming, a curry comb, hard brush, soapy water, a sponge, Rio Grande Hi Ho Silver Shampoo...  and, well... time.  You see, unlike a grey horse...  Sugar has pink skin... {{{{SIGH}}}}

And, if Sugar were able to type our her own blog...  Her post this evening would be titled "Don't hate me because I am Beautiful!"  And yet, her post might express a yearning to be like every other bay or chestnut horse... clean without being scrubbed and shiny without excessive product...

It's late, Sug's clean and braided.  The dogs have been thoroughly walked and their snores serenade me.  I'm sore, exhausted and whiney... wondering if all of this work is worth it.

Then I remember...  Luxury Problems!  Thank god that this is my worry tonight!  All is truly well...  lucky lucky me!


Anonymous said...

She looks very, very clean!

This is one of those times I am so, so happy that I have solid-colored horses with only one white foot (out of 12 legs)!

Suzanne said...

I think of that some days particularly those pre-dawn moments when her once-white bottom is schmeared with manure... this morning... she was still white!

Amy said...

I love it! She looks like a Super Hero!

My Sug hates bathing too. Water of all sorts, really. PUddles, streams, baths, everything.

Good luck!

KC said...

Excellent advice and Sug looks great! We have a pinto moving in with us this weekend, I am taking notes!