Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Used with permission
"Hey you!  Yeah, you!  That's right...  I'm talkin to you!  Stop looking at your watch and quit checking the clock...  There is MORE than enough time..."

Shhhh...  listen carefully...  that's right...  The clock is ticking and time is slipping away...  I feel a slight desperation as I look at the calendar sitting on my desk and count the weeks left before the Eventing season here in Area 1 starts...

Some days the fretting is about getting packed, finding the groove again and wondering if I can get my white horse white enough.  And, on other days it's about whether or not my brain is fixed enough to run Novice in just three weeks.  And sometimes, when my work life is just a little bit hard or a tinge stressful...  I can hear the dust gathering in my empty bank account...
Used with permission

Today, flipping through a magazine I saw this quote:  "When I am anxious it is because I am living in the future. When I am depressed it is because I am living in the past."      (Author Unknown)

Shoot!  Caught again...  if I truly look at what I have right this moment, I know that we're ok.  I'm feeling good about my Grrrr which is really about adopting my Inner BAHB...  Sugar has been spectacular... despite one little relapse into crazy-lustful-angry-mare-gone-wild spring Sugar.

And....  Shhhhh...  I entered Beginner Novice the Apple Knoll Horse Trials Combined Test on April 22nd.  It's a test run for King Oak Farm where I'm planning on being a Novice Rider again.  As my trainer wisely told my frail ego... better to come out saying, "I should've done Novice" than wish anything else!

Uh, did I say....  so excited!!!!


SprinklerBandit said...

Very exciting!! Good luck.

Amy said...

Sug's mom- You will totally have a blast! Trust yourself -- you know how to do this and Sug knows how to do this.

Also, April 22nd is my son's bday. A very lucky day for me, and I am sharing/sending that luck to you. :)

Unknown said...

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