Monday, May 28, 2012


Mr Floppy
Could I really, truly, be a Player?  Maybe, just maybe, I stayed single all these years because I feared infidelity... a wandering eye or perhaps, a lustful heart.  You see, I just may be a cheater at heart!

I was cheating on Jonah very soon after Mr Floppy opened his eyes and removed his mouth from his mom's teat.  And, poor Sugar...  shhhh, I've been sneaking around and riding another...  They call her... The Pink Pony!

The Pink Pony
Used with permission
{shhh, she is for sale}
First it starts with a wandering eye...  "look at her move", "wow, she's cute", "you know, she would be perfect for me", "she is my kind of horse"...  and on and on.  Then your Dressage Trainer asks you if you want to ride her a bit while her owner is away... "while you're on vacation" (hmm a brief fling).

OMG, I luf her!  Her suspension and elasticity is intoxicating and her canter divine.  That pink body moves upward and through yours claiming ground without the pound.  Could there be more?   Speed flattens that lift ever so slightly and carries you forward floating over the deep green fields.

When those pink ears came forward, I prepared myself for the spook.  Nothing happened, the ears softened and we continued on.  Wait, no spook?  No scary things to be seen?  What about the tractor, the rocks, that one yellow blade of grass in all that green...  still no spook?  Preposterous!

This morning, I woke up and wondered, what if I don't like Sugar anymore?  What if the Pink Pony with her simple needs, dynamite gaits and easy demeanor is really what I prefer.  Sugar is not easy... but I've always found her delightful (not counting the warm-up ring, UNH, Ethel Walker or at lattice/white gates/green rolltop jumps).  What if the purpose of riding the Pink Pony was to help me understand what easy is?

Never fear!  If I could add this cutie to the Berlin Herd, it would be a done deal!  But, until the missing "Trust Fund" is located, Sugar is mine.  And, she makes me smile!
Sug making me smile
That's what makes
it worth it
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Today was the last Hunt of the Spring Season.  I was tired from my "restful" vacation and feeling kind of dull.  As the fourth pair in First Flight, my head kept saying... maybe I'll pick and choose today...  I'm not really up to this... blah, blah blah!

The weather was perfect for a good run.  That one last thought of being tired hit me just one second before the cast...  When the hounds hit the elusive anise scent, thinking disappeared and Sugar and I became a team.  Her gallop powerfully skimmed the ground and for every jump, her ears came up, she surveyed the approach and jumped in stride.

Power, beauty, grace and speed...  She may not be easy but Sugar makes me feel like a rock star!  And that is ok!


Suzanne said...

For the record, Abby (aka The Pink Pony)is still a horse, easy does not mean cheap... She's absolutely fabulous!

Murphy Eventing said...

A wonderful way to put things into perspective! A new spin on appreciation and re-evaluating. That, and, Sugar is just do darn pretty!
When you find your missing trust fund, can you help me find mine?