Thursday, May 24, 2012


Sug sees dead people
Yeah, it is officially the start of my long weekend and I have plans...  Oh yeah, I have plans!  There are things that need to be worked on, gardens to be reclaimed from several years of neglect, laundry to be washed, stuff to be thrown away, the last two foxhunts, a couple of jumping lessons and a clinic to audit for the Area 1 Newsletter.  And, of course let's not forget running out and about with Da Boys, keeping them well exercised and happy.  Ahhhhhhh...  Vacation!

So, a Friend posted a little note on my Facebook page that made me say....  hmmmmm!  Those wise words? 

"Please look up "vacation" in the dictionary!"  

Sometimes a girl needs to quiet the BA Honeybadger, give her Inner Cowgirl a romantic novel and channel a Chandler...  Mr Floppy to those that know him...

Contemplating World
Nothing like a hound to help you find a true vacation energy...  Friendly, Funny and absolutely cuddly.  In a prior life, he was probably a surfer dude...  Plays hard, sees life as one big party and when the surf's up...  he's gone workin'...  Until then, he's chill...  and really values the benefits of a good nap.
Always at the ready!

Why not the Convict?  Isn't he so friendly and outgoing that he's often mistaken for a Walmart Greeter?

 Ahhh, Jonah...  he's always working - busy getting things for me to use, pulling logs out of the woods as proof of his self worth...  He moves with me as the doggy version of a workaholic.  Sometimes I want to reach out and say, "Hey buddy...  I'm good!  You go ahead and take a nap!  I'm ok!"

I luf me a Chandler Bing! Hey, wait just one darn minute!  I get it!  I so need to try a Chandler this long, long weekend!

May I learn that life is a party and maybe, just maybe, the world is telling me that "I'm good! You go ahead and take a nap!  I'm ok!

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