Wednesday, January 16, 2013


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So some people read their horoscopes every day, others go to psychics, animal communicators...  looking for and wanting to hear that special something that says...  Hmmm, you'll make more money? Or, find a little sumthin, sumthin to keep that smile going?  Or, that your princess has been a damsel in distress and just a tweak of a saddle fit will make the spook go away?  Yup, looking for and reading the signs that predict an outcome...

So fair warning to all my Area 1 competitors, my ship is about to sail, the polyester will be bright blue, the rainbow's end is filled with gold and Saccharine is being laid to rest!  All signs are pointing forward and we are about to rock and roll!  {{{Note to self - Appears to be a common theme at this time of year.}}}

I luf me USEA Area 1's Silent Auction!  Mix shopping, savings and a wiff of prizes and I can feel my competitive spirit rise up and take over.  And gosh, I have been a good competitor and once, even took home $2,400 in prizes "winning" an entire season's entries to some of the finest Horse Trials in Area 1.  {{{ Note to self - Must look up the definition of prizes.}}}}

Yet in 2010, Sugar fractured her splint bone the week before the coveted Groton House entry - scratched.  That season was a big year of donating a $25 administration fee for every event entered.  While disappointed at having to scratch, I was proud of my philanthropic endeavors. 

Favorite Grrrrr pic from 2009
Used with permission
And in 2011, I parted ways into a tree at the prestigious Groton House Farm Horse Trial thus being eliminated at the first of several of my "winning" entries and thus forfeiting the entire 2011 season.  Well, you can't call me a quitter because 2012's Silent Auction was the banner year for winning entries but not so much in completing them

The 2013 Silent Auction was a complete and total loss...  I was beat thoroughly by my fellow Area 1 eventers.  I aggressively bid on my favorite events and came out of the Annual Meeting with nothing - nada - empty - nothing.  Well, I can count a Stuart Horse Trial water bottle and an Adult Rider fleece as winnings but this year, I pay full price! 

The Bestest Eventing Buddy, Eventing and Dressage Trainer almost said, in unison, "2013 is gonna be a good year!"

Now, if you can just point me in the direction of where I put my GRRRRRRRRRRRR!  Looks like I'm gonna need it!

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