Sunday, January 6, 2013


Babies... be they little kids or puppies... you just wanna kiss them.  Their world is untainted from complications... most everything they see or touch is new and the very joy of experiences draw you in...  They are most kissable...

Tonight, after carefully cleaning her hooves and painting them with hoof harder in preparation for this week's onslaught of mud and slush, I stopped, cupped her muzzle and kissed her.  It was a loud smooching kiss - first on the right, then on the left... pausing just for a moment to breathe in that clean earthy scent and then finished with a kiss dead center on a muzzle smudged with this evening's dinner.  It was a most kissable nose!

Underneath Sugar's quirkiness lies a schoolmarm.  It is a persona complete with a grey shapeless dress, a high collar and a string of small white pearls... prim, proper and respectful. She is there to teach and please, no shenanigans...  just work!

The horse I rode in my lesson was powerful.  It was a mare with a strong body, lightening quick feet and a spook that jolted very core of your being.  We asked her to lift her wither up, to bring her hind end under and to move forward with rhythm and grace.  Although Sug was "with me" (or me with her), the pressure to give and then to release would sometimes erupt into a sideways leap or two.

My 14 year old niece patiently waited for her turn on my lil' pinto pony.  As one lesson finished, two more groups of even younger kids came into the indoor for their weekly ride.  Nervously, I asked the Dressage Trainer...  "Do you think I should let her get on?  Do you think Sugar might be too much horse?"   As expected the answer was. "Depends on if the schoolmarm shows up."

That nose...  that beautiful multicolored nose... was the most Kissable Nose.  You see, from the second my Niece mounted, Sugar gave her a lesson...  She was kind, obedient and did what she was asked in a manner that said, "I'll give you the ride of a lifetime 'cause you deserve only the best."   A radiant smile was my reward.

And for you Miss Sugar...  Thanks for taking care of a lil' girl with a dream!

My Niece taking on Ms Sug and lovin life!


Kate said...

good girl Sugar!!

Me said...

I second what Kate said -what a good pony! She absolutely looked like a lovely school horse!

Amanda said...

My Arab gelding was very much like that. He would act like a total fool for me and then turn around and be the perfect therapeutic riding horse for some very sweet kids.

BeBe said...

Sugar is so great! My moms horse is like this - just so well trained must be a pleasure for a child to ride. PS That arena is gorgeous!