Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I hate running.   Despite nine varsity letters, being captain or co-captain of each sport and, being voted Most Athletic in high school, I would be the first to tell you that I am the laziest workaholic around.  There are a million ways to avoid running laps...  just ask me how!

At today's sales conference, I got inspired.  Sure, it was directed at my profession but as each gem was revealed, I could see how it applies to my passion.  The facilitator was not vague...

  • Success, you see, is not a sprint.  It's a marathon!  
  • If you want to be a part of this success, you have to commit time and energy to it.
  • There are a many ways to fail, forget them!  Find the yes and stick to it!

Um... WOW!  This is just a little wake up call.  I love the rush of the sprint!  It's fun, exciting and quickly completed.  {{{Kind of the way I dated, just sayin!}}}  A marathon is so hard... finding a rhythm and sticking with it - changing and improving based on the conditions before you.  It can also be tedious and maybe just a bit boring.

I get discouraged at my lack of progress.  Our dressage is becoming amazing and I'm pretty sure Sugar and I will beat everyone out in the warm up.  It's the jumping.  I been should've-ing all over myself again.  ("I should be better by now.  I should be faster.  I should be jumping bigger." Um, and if I am to confess, "I should be winning.")

Ah, the heart and mind of a sprinter.  Tonight begins the transformation into a marathoner.  And, its about time...  Yes it can be done!  Forgetting about failure is done by practice... one thought at a time.  Yes, it will be done!

You know, I think its going to be a banner year... at work!  And at play! 


L.Williams said...

I find gamifying or breaking large chunks of work into smaller easily digestible chunks to be what works best for me, aka dissecting the marathon into a series of sprint sets.

Amanda said...

I am totally the same way. Sprinting is way more fun and easier. I feel like if I make it through the next 5 months that I should be an expert marathoner, though. Good luck this year!

Lindsay said...

I'm the same way too -- I should be SO FAR AHEAD OF THIS by now, right? :) But it is indeed a marathon. I hate running, but I'll plug away at the riding.

Hard to keep in mind, but as long as there's a positive trend, you're WINNING!

Tori said...

It is a marathon... long and hard and we have to keep our spirits and our motivation UP!

Suzanne said...

You are all so wise... I think I hear my mom saying, "patience is a virtue"! Little successes in measurable bits... with a bit of fun thrown in and about... I get it! Thanks

Seema Sonnad said...

mmm...maybe I don't worry so much because I am by nature a marathoner. I hate sprinting

Jane said...

Love this! Thanks for the reminder. ;)