Thursday, January 2, 2014


So, it's snowing outside, the temperature is dropping rapidly and is predicted to be  -11 with winds gusting to 50 mph.  Poor me, I was sent home from work early due to our Governor calling a state of emergency.  So, I ponder...

Hear ye!
You see, New Year's celebrations have come and gone.  It's January 2nd and, resolutions have been made and some have even been broken.  Inspirational sayings proliferated Facebook to get us in the mood.  Most did nothing for me but there was one quote that continues to roll around in my mind:


I'm not a big resolution kind of girl, mostly because I forget about them too quickly or break them too easily.  And, most of my old ones were really all self gratifying.  (Shhhh, I am all for self gratification as long as its also given freely away...  just sayin!)
Photo used with permission
{{{{Oh and when I mean giving it away freely, I don't mean anything naughty...  I mean doing good things for others...  and, well being naughty isn't really bad, 'specially if you're not charging for it.)  (Oh my.... did I say all that? Must switch to decaf the next time!)}}}
That quote is about action...  Write your destiny and make it happen.  I like that 'cause I'm an action kind of girl who believes that my choices and how I see things define my future.  If I see myself as successful, I do things that promote success...  And all of that!
What I love most about winter is that everything is possible....  EVERYTHING!  And I am filled with excitement about the coming year.  As of today, no one yelled at me for not making my sales goals!  Sugar and I are having fabulous rides in and out of lessons.  And, I said to a friend on the eve of the New Year that I believed I could do Training by years end.
Photo used with permission
It wasn't spoken boldly and it wasn't done without thought.  It just came out with a positive resolve that I haven't felt since hitting the tree.  Beginner Novice in the spring, maybe hitting Area 2 to get an early start.  Novice for the Summer and, my last event at Training...  That is what was said... calmly with resolve.
Why now?  Maybe watching the Teen jump my "spooky" horse over and over again really helped.  Maybe some other round peg found a round hole in my brain and something clicked.  And, maybe I'm writing a new book. 
{{{Of course, it may just be that extra cuppa coffee I had to keep warm...  well, maybe.}}}  It's all good...  let's kick on!


eventer79 said...

I have been so excited to watch your progress onward and upward with such determination!! You sound great and so much happier -- I'm so thrilled for you that you conquered what tried to drag you down! Yay for you and Sugar!!!!!

Amanda said...

Yay! Good New Years to you and Sugar!