Friday, January 2, 2015


And as the lottery creeps upward and the dreams of being a billionaire dance it's the devilish dance, I sigh with a level of contentment from actually winning the dance of a devilish mare...
All sweetness

You see, as I begin to consider my next (and second) horse, I dream of a plain bay with decent gaits, a level head who just wants to "jump the jumps".  I see "him" as a handsome horse who can take a lot of bling (oh yes... you just wait and see how my inner pre-teen comes out then). 

And then the fantasy takes shape...  I saddle him up on a cold, snowy day to gallop around our field as puffs of snow billow around his strong legs.  I'm laughing at the sheer joy of two beings, together as one. 

Or feeling that moment when I get a call from the Bestest Eventing Buddy, Sugar's Twenty Something Friend or the Newbie Eventer, "let's go XC schooling and jump some jumps!" and being excited and thrilled to jump some jumps!

I'll keep her for that nose!
Yet sometimes, when my lil' pinto pony can not keep her feet on the ground as we finishing her rehab by cantering.  And, I ride her airs above the ground into something that looks like a canter, I feel like a million bucks.  Somewhere in my fantasy world, I am a cowgirl - wild and free!  I am a goddess! 

And, when I ask for that last canter transition and my lil' Mariah Carey impersonator says, "Ok... I'll do it and I'll do it well!"  I feel like a million bucks.

I just hope that when looking for said second horse, I don't fall too much in love with that kind of million bucks! 

{{{Special note of apology to the lessoner and the fellow boarder also sharing ring with the diva princess.  I promise that Saccharine has not been a frequent visitor these past few years...  Sugar will return and it will be good again!  I promise!}}}


T Myers said...

I have the perfect horse for you :)

Suzanne said...

Not yet... but if you're not kidding, I'll let you know when I'm really ready to look!