Sunday, January 4, 2015


Did I ever tell you that I've been on vacation for two weeks!  That's right... two whole weeks.  Here it is Sunday night and I've given up the ship!  There is absolutely no way, at all, that I can complete ALL of those things I had planned to do that Friday afternoon as I waived my coworkers goodbye.
Gotta seize the day!

Instead, I plan to finish this awesome cup of chai tea, stroke the silky ears of a naughty hound draped across my lap and thank god for all the wonder in my life.  Oh, I may take a moment out of this pure pleasure and yell at the Convict to stop licking his paw but as he then crawls up on the napping couch to curl close, all is at peace.

Yeah, I should've have had that project ready to be emailed to the vendor first thing tomorrow morning.  And, I should've have done more research on the even bigger project pending.  The house is a wicked mess and every coat I've worn these two weeks sit piled up on a chair... yeah, I could've have done that too...

Youthful exuberance!
Did I tell you that Sugar is back?  That we had a magnificent dressage lesson with the amazing Niall Quirk?  She was lovely to ride, a willing partner that, when put together, floated like a big, wiggling/swishing dressage horse.  Did I tell you that I spent the morning watching my barn mates achieve beauty as they too, lifted their horses into light, fluffy, fancy prancing?

Ooops, maybe I should've cleaned out my car and put away all the trail cleaning supplies cluttering up and making the back seats unusable.  And, darn... I forgot to cut down those stupid Norway Maples taking root in my overgrown garden beds.  Yes, I know the Christmas decorations do need to come down soon, lest annoy friends and neighbors alike.

Those ears don't miss
Before I forget, did I tell you of a fabulous New Years Eve jaunt with the Brave Barn Peep?  Oh, the gloriousness of an event horse releasing her pent up energy as we attempted to "gallop" around a field.  Did I tell you...  Sugar is back?  And, can I tell you how fulfilling it was when my lil' pinto pony finally cantered without a leap into the air?

And, I did not clean my bedroom and organize my closets.  And, ok, my laundry is piled up still unwashed...  Thank god, my work clothes are back from the cleaners and I did buy new underwear as a "Christmas present".  Shhh, some folks may still get Christmas cards since I managed to not finish them before New Years....  ooopsie!

Oh, yeah, one more thing...  Did I tell you that Sugar is back?  And, that I grabbed Newbie Eventer, some fabulous Hunt Peeps and ran out before the snow storm to get that one last gallop in.  It was heaven on earth when the two of us actually galloped with nary a spook or a leap.  (I was sure she was colicing.)

Life is short!  You gotta do it while you can!  And, I am so grateful to have so many fabulous compadres willing to live it with me!


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Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

You made 100% correct decisions in my opinion. Yay for Sugar being back!!