Sunday, May 15, 2011


Used with Photographer's Permission
 As a kid I used to dream about winged horses...  to be able to go wherever I wanted to go ...  to be free of the pressures of a normal teenage girl.  You know -- Who liked who, what were they laughing about, do I fit in, what will I be when I grow up?  After a tough day, with the lights off and my eyes closed tight against my angst,  I would fly...  just me and my pony... totally and completely free!

Saturday's hunt was up in the hills and fields of Westminster just beyond a maximum security prison.  I've been told that it was a beautiful place - wide open and overlooking the valley.  You know, as much as I want to be a fancy-dancy writer, I don't think I can quite describe its Spring beauty.  (Of course, I'll try)

We were surrounded by the sweet scent of apple blossoms, the fields were a rich green, dotted with yellow dandelions.  The trees were like a reverse fall...  muted and soft tones of green, yellow, orange and red.  God's country, no doubt!

Funny thing, this was our first hunt of the season and I was kind of nervous.  Looking at the vastness of the territory gave me just a hint of worry.  It was Sugar, me, miles of fields and a pelham bit for good luck!  And Sug was full of herself...  strutting and ready to roll.  She knew what we were about to do... 

Once the hounds were cast, every worry I had, every ounce of nerves, every plan I brought, every negative bit of energy that threatened to overtake me, left with the running pack.  I let go!   I truly let go!  And we began to fly!  In one breathe, Sugar and I were alone and airborne...  me and the pony of my dreams.

If you've ever ridden a galloping horse and you reach that moment where time stands still and for that moment  your body has melded into hers, you know you reached heaven.  For that moment, you thank God for all that you have and you forgive her for being a wretch in the dressage ring at UNH.

I left the Tea feeling a million pounds lighter.  And as I drove past the prison the second time, I sent the inmates a prayer that maybe they will find their peace some day soon.

Life is indeed good!


Liz Goldsmith, EquineInk said...

Hi Suzanne -- will you let me post this on the ONBH site? I was going to ask you to write this up for the site and this is great!

Suzanne said...

Sure Liz... I hope its hunting enough but it does say... LOVE IT!

MARGIE said...

AHHH. I wait for someday.