Friday, May 6, 2011


A good friend once told me that "LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE".  If I strive to be a kind, generous person and if I maintain a positive outlook on life and, well, laugh alot, then I will be surrounded by like people.   Then I wonder, are we drawn to our mates, animals, friends because they are like us?  Or do they become like us through the time spent with us?  Hmmmm...

Sugar is a lovely horse for 89% of the time, challenging about 7% and  that remaining 4% is a powerful  Angry Mare.  She loves order...  her staff is expected to show up at the barn close to 6am.  She waits patiently as her barnmates recieve their breakfast in the prescribed rythym.  She enjoys the spa facilities regularly ...  daily grooming, regular massage and pedicures.  Her friends entertain her and she is happy with the flow of her day.

Change that and let the games begin.  Fretting and worrying...  amazing athletic antics and if are a new addition to the barn...  watch out!  This Angry Mare will take her Alpha-ness to new heights.  A poor horse came in on trial for two weeks...  and, wow...  she managed to threaten that poor thing everyday, everytime he looked at her for every minute of the two weeks...  Nope, my girl likes things orderly.

On the way to Vet after
Cliff  Diving
Chandler Bing is coming home with me.  OMG!  A 5 month old Foxhound puppy who has been raised in a kennel.  OMG!  I wonder about the house and I look at everything that will be destroyed.  I need to go to the pet store and buy gallons of cleaning stuff.  I have new furniture and rugs!  He'll be peeing, chewing and barking!  The money!  The time!  Puppies are cute but god awful!  No one wants a visitor with two dogs.  Foxhound bark and run!  We're going to be miserable!  OMG!  What was I thinking?  Why am I destroying the calm, orderly life I have now!  What was I thinking?

{{{{Sigh}}}}  I luf me a Chandler Bing!  He had an accident last week and broke his elbow taking a dive off a 20 foot wall.  He may rehab ok, but, it will be awhile.  So Chandler will not run with the foxhound pack.  He will live to destroy our orderly world...  And I am "happy"! 

I luf me a Chandler Bing!


Katie Murphy Eventing said...

He is adorable! Congratulations on your new edition!

Tricia said...

I loff Chandler Bing, too! You'll love having a hound as a housedog! Honestly, they're wonderful! ... after the destructive phase... :-)