Wednesday, May 11, 2011


All the right Jump Judging
 Forgive me father for I have sinned, it has been 5 days since my last posting.  The puppy and convict are fast asleep and I am left with a few minutes...  to... uh... ok, yup... a kind of rant.  Well, not exactly a real passionate rant...  but a kind of one... 

You see, I feel that every single eventer competing should volunteer.  Yup, let me repeat... every single eventer should volunteer!  And, you know...  if you actually read this and you're not a horse peep...  I actually think volunteering is an important part of giving back to your community... whatever that community is. 

Ahhh... I jump judged last weekend at King Oak Horse Trials.   The volunteer coordinator called and left a message.   I called her back immediately.  Have you ever dated a person that you really wanted to be with and, they never called back?  You check your answering machine a thousand times hoping for just a hint of interest... anything.  

I've been a volunteer coordinator desperate to fill spots... hoping that you would call me.  That return call, whatever the answer, made that list just a bit shorter and helped me move on...

Jonah confirming that the water is safe
VA Horse Trials 2010
Jump judging, for me, is great TV.  I set up my chair next to my newest friend and enjoy the show.  There can be thrills, excitement, intrigue... beautiful horses and the weather...  sun and no bugs.  Old eventing friends stopped by to chat as they walked their courses...  it was a great garden party complete with entertainment.

This weekend, it was the Training water and the Beginner Novice mandatory water crossing to a roll top.  Exciting?  Well, it wasn't quite Rolex but it was exhilarating.  My fellow judge was 16 and a delightful addition to my day.  If this was her post, she may have wished for a bit of quiet...  We did laugh and we did have fun!  Thanks Jennifer!

Maybe the exhaustion of having a puppy leaves this rant kind of mellow... Find a way to give back, find a way to help out, find a way to enjoy the many great things about belonging to and supporting your community.  It is a gift that will keep giving!

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SprinklerBandit said...

Plus, if you're new to showing, volunteering is a great way to learn about it and make tons of new friends. It also marks you out as a useful sort of person, and everyone likes useful people.