Saturday, May 21, 2011


I so wanted this writing to be all about how much I hate XC schooling and the angst developing around the grand "move-up".  Don't worry, I'm sure sometime this summer I'll get to it 'cause there certainly will be so many more opportunities to...  um... whine.... 
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Riding alone in a big beautiful indoor is an amazing gift and priviledge - One I do not take for granted.  Many a night Sugar and I make magic doing the dance called dressage.  Now, to be fair, we have also ended our rides like an old crotchedy married couple...  running on about how the other was a disappointment or crabby or just not the same from one day to the next.  Yet, on nights where we are totally in love...  ahhhhh... priceless!

My friend invited me to a nearby barn to watch her ride a 4th level dressage horse.  Grab a Dunkin', sit back and take the opportunity to watch Dressage TV... real suspension, real engagement, half halts that adjust and extensions that are airbound. 

This channel had two riders...  the one I came to watch and another riding Prado, a horse born, bred and raised to dance with the stars.  The show was breathtaking.  Transitions up, transitions down...  sweeping lateral moves across the indoor, shoulder fore, shoulder in, canter pirouttes, lengthenings and then extensions across the diagonals.  I was mesmerized... unable to turn the channel.

Today, Dressage TV rocked and inspired!  Despite unloading and stacking 2 tons of hay, entertaining 2 dogs and keeping one horse clean, I could not wait to ride.  I wanted to be a part of Dressage TV. 

Poor Sugar.  I'm pretty sure she finishes a ride like this and sighs "I bet she was watching upper level dressage today".  I did not just ride...  I RODE!  I wanted more ...  more suspension, more swing, self carriage...  if it was good, I wanted better.  Time did not register on my tired body.  It was good...

Clearly what I have is good...  for that I am grateful.  And, with the right inspiration and guidance, it could be sooooo much better! 

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