Monday, June 13, 2011


DWSB Bleeding Out
kar·ma/ˈkärmə/Noun  1. (in Hinduism and Buddhism) The sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

Deep thoughts for a Monday...  I believe to this to be true.  If I do good things, am a good person, right my wrongs and see life in good terms, than that is what the universe returns to me.  What shocked me is to hear a total stranger, a Good Samaritan, waive off my unending stream of thanks by saying, "Karma is why I do this.  If I give out good Karma to you, you will give good Karma to someone else and that good Karma always comes back.  One day it will be me and someone will do the same."

The DWSB (Double Wide Short Bus) left it's first stop in the pouring rain at 5:30am with a full load:
  • One whiny/exhausted Novice Rider heading to Valinor Horse Trials
  • One, almost, very white braided and polished Princess/Diva Event Horse
  • Two very awesome companions/coaches/grooms/friends - New Barn Girl, Devil Child
  • One slightly smelly, flatulent Convict
  • And, a full load of eventing equipment for the compulsive Scorpio rider
It was an uneventful ride...  unless the torrential rain and verbal diarrhea disturbed anyone but the person (me) going on and on about scratching and not riding in torrential rain and/or doing a very expensive dressage test and heading home.  The DWSB was smooth and experienced...  taking care of the "team" as it should.

The ride home...  not so much.  Less than 5 miles from the grounds, the truck lost power gave a pop and died.  I coasted it without power, carrying its precious cargo to a stop on Route 3 in Plymouth.  Dead, dead, dead....

Minutes later, while on the phone with USRider,, a truck and trailer pulled off the highway.  It was a fellow Eventer (David Wilson, owner of Flying High Stables, Andover, MA).  It was clear that the DWSB was bleeding out... he offered to take Sugar home, to keep her safe and sound after a long day at Valinor HT.   It was an offer of immense proportions.  Grateful, as a word, does not express my thoughts.   So off they went with Devil Child as Sug's girl. 

NBG avoiding paparazzi
And, New Barn Girl, the Convict and I waited.  I've said this in another post (It Takes a Village), tragedy really helps you reflect on what you have and the good in your life.  My village rocks...  NBG is hysterically funny...  Her Karma - never did she complain, always had a laugh, didn't allow me to feel any more guilty about the situation than what it was and that is a gift.  And at the barn, the Barn Owner took care of Sug's home - clean stall, water and food and the Devil Child took care of the rest.

Oh, that's right...  I did show that day too.  Dressage was uneventful... couple of contained spooks but no real diva hijinxs...  a 40 but I had a horse willing to try to perform.  Stadium Jumping was the best we've done ever...  double clear, forward and rhythmic and jumping from her hind end.  Cross country...  ahhh... fast and clean.  I will say that instead of jumping a course, I galloped and jumped jumps.  That "in the moment" hyper focused ride caused me to over shoot two sharp turns...  just a note for the future.... courses not jumps.

I could go on and on about the show, how great Valinor is, how wonderful the organizers were to make adjustments due to the weather and how much fun it was to be there with my peeps (DC and NBG)...  I could, but today is about gratitude and doing good deeds...  THANKS UNIVERSE.

Think about it...  make good Karma.  And, see it as good Karma when it happens to you!

DWSB Rescuers

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