Saturday, June 11, 2011


This morning the New Barn Girl and I headed off for a bit of a pre-Event "I-Really-Can't-Do-One-More-20-Meter-Circle-In-The-Indoor" gallop at Great Brook State Park.  It was exactly what Sugar and I needed to let loose just before the next attempt to break 40 in this year's Eventing Season.

For the record, pleasure galloping in a light to moderate rain is kind of awesome.  Photographers love misty days because the sun's rays or shadows do not change color.  And what colors we had...  green grass, pink mountain laurel, soft yellow new growth, wild white rose ...  rich and deep.  We were riding in a beautiful New England Spring painting.
Double Wide Short Bus

The park was empty, for who ventures out to ride in the rain?  Sug's back was relaxed and her hips swinging and just a pleasure to ride.  My little alpha mare was the first to see a big doe protecting her fawn.  I speak for myself but I am sure the NBG would agree...  it was heaven.  

I am grateful to have my own horse trailer - the Double Wide Short Bus (DWSB).  There was a time not so long ago when a group of folks were off to a Hunter Pace.  There wasn't enough trailer spaces to take everyone who wanted to go.  It kind of felt like waiting to be asked to go to the Prom all over again.  Take me, I wimpered in my head....  take me...  take me!   And, I ended up staying home.

Now, I didn't run out and get a horse trailer because I did not go to a Hunter Pace.  I got it because I wanted to wander the world and do all sorts of things and play.  I wanted adventures and fun.  The DWSB is the ticket to freedom and I use it well. (BTW, I did get asked to the Prom.)

My goal is to keep the second stall filled as often as I can.  I want everyone to be able to experience adventures off farm.  It was awesome to be share such a wonderful day with someone. 

Giving back what is generously given is what makes life much more pleasurable!

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