Friday, June 17, 2011


Dating is risky business...  Way back when and a long time ago, I did online dating.  When it came to the actual hook-up, I practiced rape-prevention quite diligently.  Before leaving for said date, I would carefully prepare...  First call my BFF and put her on alert - "I am meeting Blind-Date-Guy at X-time in a public place.  I will be taking my own car to provide a sure-fire escape plan. I will not be trapped."  Hmmm, do you wonder yet why I've remained single all these years?  It was a twisted way to seek a mate, huh?
Complete Trust

There is a thread on one of my Horsey Bulletin boards that is driving me crazy...  (Ok, it may be a short trip but it shouldn't be wasted.)  You see, the thread is about trailering or more specifically, how to say no to folks who ask you share a ride.

I was shocked at how many posters would not share a ride, who worried about liability, who thought it wrong for someone to ask or thought the person asking was taking advantage of the trailer owner.  Shocked I say.

You see, unlike the dark world of my dating past, I believe that sometimes you just gotta trust!  As a kid, I was a poor barn rat who, through the generosity of others (and hard work) found a place in the horse world.  Without these kind folk, who knows what life would have been like...

You gotta pay it forward!  For every kindness recieved, you must release another kindness.   Dare I say it?  It is about Karma!  You gotta give back for what the world has generously given to you.
Bestest Eventing Buddy
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I don't buy the liability/insurance fear excuse/worry.  Yeah, it might happen and someone might sue you but really?  Do you want to spend a life in fear of being raped (odd metaphor but it works if you think about it) or do you want to meet great people and share in a lot of good times?

Oddly enough, I met my Bestest Eventing Buddy in kind of like a great blind date.  Area 1 has a place on its bulletin board for folks to "ask" for trailer rides.  I answered an ad/post and have enjoyed 3 eventing seasons/adventures with one truly awesome Buddy.  Ah, the stories...  some other post, I'm sure.

And let's not forget the random act of kindness from the Good Samaritan who gave Sugar a ride home last weekend while the DWSB laid broken on the side of the road.  It is folk like this that make the world an awesome place.

Really, sometimes you just gotta trust!  The world is an amazing place when you do!!!!


Barbara said...

I agree. When I first got back into horses I didn't have a trailer and was dependent on others for a ride anywhere. Somebody always offered. When I did have a trailer I tried to return the favor, always offering the spare place and hauling horses to and from shows for my trainer. Now I don't have a trailer again and I get offered rides that I don't need. It's one of the things that I like about horse people. Going anywhere as a group has always been easy... decide where you are going, who will go in which trailer and go.
Like anything else you do need to use a little common sense about who you haul or let haul your horse, but the attitude of never hauling anyone else is a view of the world that I don't care for.

Jenn said...

I've been following that thread too and have been amazed at how adamantly against trailering someone else people are! I can see not wanting to loan the trailer - that makes sense. But not giving someone a ride? (and then, more than likely, complaining about the lack of space at a show's trailer parking - hello! if you were willing to trailer-pool, we wouldn't all have to park on top of each other! Ahem.)

Anyway, I just wanted to say I fully agree with you, and hope that when I once again have a horse (and am trailerless, as I shall be I'm sure!) I'll know someone like you! :)

(I wandered over after hearing about your blog from the Good Samaritan who helped out you and Sugar the other day :) )

SprinklerBandit said...

I haven't seen the thread, but my story is a lot like yours--poor kid, only ever got to go to shows and 4h because people were really, really nice to me and would come pick me.

I still don't have a trailer of my own. When I do, I fully intend to return the years of kindness that have been given to me.

Kate said...

I also replied to that thread (I'm Starhouse on that BB). I am of the same mindset as you :)

Ashley Dallas said...

Karma is amazing. If we help others, it will come back to us, somehow. Same with not helping and being ignorant.
I love this blog you have :) I check in on it every few days and it's clear that you enjoy writing.