Saturday, July 9, 2011


I saw a penny lying brightly in the grocery store parking lot... heads up.  My life is a good one and I have been graced with so much luck that those lucky pennies are for you...   not me.  Today, I picked it up for me.

It's Saturday morning, the boys have been walked and enjoyed a good swim.  It's been two weeks since I sailed into a tree.  My body aches and my chest feels like someone carved the left side with a butter knife... I walk stiffly, listing to the right.  Advil is indeed my friend.  I clutch the bottle much like an addict afraid of losing their next fix.
Bruno 10/19/94 - 11/23/2007
Teacher of Unconditional Love and Happiness
(with just a bit of Lab guilt thrown in)

That penny I found is a reminder of how lucky I was.  Since it was my debut at Groton House, I prepurchased the video from RNS Video ( and could not wait to see my show.  Well, I did get to see my two dressage tests, the first three fences and my spectacular crash into a tree.

Attitude is everything!  You know, that statement needs more emphasis - ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING! 

Hurting puts a twist in one's brain and can grey a persons outlook.  It could be the difficulty sleeping, the internal press to be "normal" and to "not be a burden" on others.

There is a balance there and finding it is a gift.  Being conscious of my self talk, deep sighs and thoughts is the first step.  The second is acknowledging them... allowing them to be ok.  Then, move away from the negativity into gratitude.   Being aware of all that is good is the key. 

A lucky penny is indeed lucky.  So I picked it up as a reminder that I was lucky that day!  I am lucky today!

Maybe next year, I won't shave my legs before the show.  Maybe that was it...  Maybe...

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