Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Chain letters...  no matter how supposedly spiritual or uplifting they claim to be, are WRONG... if, somewhere in the body of the email, harm will come to those that do not forward them to 6 people within 10 minutes.  Really, is that the kind of peace, love and happiness you want to send forward into the world?  

Photo used with permission
I am a daredevil, a risk taker*...  yes, I am an Eventer.  I laugh in the face of your request to forward that email.   Yes I do... and then,  I courageously hit the delete button and then wait...  Ha!

Wait a minute...  hmmm...  wait...  I think I figured it out!  It was a chain letter that did me in...  a deleted chain letter that determined my fate!  I will not be going to Fitches Corner this year for the Novice Championships and I will not be going to the American Eventing Championships in September and I may not move up to Training.  All because of a stupid chain letter and my quick finger hit on the delete button...  {{{{sigh}}}

Will it stop me from deleting the next one?  NOPE!  I am an Eventer.  The memory of the cool rush of a good cross country run (sans tree) provides the amnesiac that sustains me to the next run.  The camadry of my fellow Eventers and the stories told carry me through the healing period.  You make me laugh with your wry wisdom and I want more!

So, there goes another flick of a finger on the delete gun!  I'll be baaaaack!

*Um, I'm actually an insurance consultant...  daredevil is not a top requirement for the job. It's a fantasy of mine!  ;)


Veronica Lodge said...

you work in insurance? So do I....I feel your pain! ahah

Suzanne said...

Veronica, not sure you'll ever see this since it's been light years since you posted. (For some reason, google blogs wasn't allowing me to post comments on some, including my own, blogs. I found a fix and its working). I am sure there are alot of us out there. We spend our days assessing risks, preventing risks and then fixing the problems from the risks and on the weekends... we ride like the cowgirls and laugh at risks... yup... another reason to love what we do....