Thursday, August 11, 2011


See, sheer exhaustion..
Writing has been difficult recently...  I have a rant that just doesn't seem to want to be clearly written.  It may be that I care too deeply and that kind of love/desire/passion is never easy to "verbalize".  You feel that what needs to be said is soooo important that you HAVE to be sure that the words mean something, and that they inspire the reader to feel the same way...

It starts with a story...  Once upon a time, way back when, Area 1 was an Eventing Mecca. That's right, Advanced and Intermediate Eventers could be sited everywhere... Folks came from all over the world to compete here at Groton House Farm, Over the Walls, Stuart Horse Trials and Millbrook.  Our rolling hills, deep woods and hay fields raised hardy, brave and talented folk who made history.  They made a path for us to follow.  Area 1 was that good.

Over the Wall's Last Advanced
 Event 2003 (Extinct)
This weekend, I traveled out to NY to watch Area 1's last Advanced Event... Millbrook Horse Trials. Let me emphasize - IT IS OUR LAST REMAINING...  truly an endangered species.  Didya know that there is a core group of folks in NY that work their hearts out doing what they can to keep this endangered species alive? And by the looks of this Event, their achievements are great for the venue is devine.

Wherever I went, I was standing among our elite, our Olympians - Philip Dutton, Karen O'Connor, Leslie Law, Boyd Martin, Allison Springer, Buck Davidson (to name a few) and those who are beginning their ascent. And the best is quietly listening to them teach their students on how to better approach the jump, on the characteristics that make one horse perform better than another and what makes a rider better. Lesson were taught that required no money all you needed to do was listen.
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Dear Area 1 member, we need to do more... each and every one of us need to do more to ensure that what is now endangered does not becomes extinct.  It can be money - a little or alot - whatever you can give is enough.  Good, but let's not limit our support to dollars alone - fund raising, work groups, volunteering and yes, even showing up to watch is a way of saying this Event is important. 

Why? Do we really need Upper Level Eventing here? I say YES as loud as my writing can reach. To see our kids eager to get autographs was touching. Our future stars are born in these moments... Dreams come from the moment you think... Maybe... maybe I can... maybe I will.

Our weather doesn't allow year round eventing so we may never be the mecca of our past...  but maybe, just maybe we could be more...

Caitlin Calder, Jollyiat
Intermediate B

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